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Our specialist hairdresser insurance is designed for businesses just like yours, so all you need to worry about is getting your cuts just right.

Whether you run a salon, a barber’s, a mobile or a home-based business you’ll know you’re protected if anything goes wrong, with a simple package offering you complete cover.

When you’re dealing with customers every day, a slip with the scissors or a trip in your salon could mean expensive legal costs for court cases, solicitors’ fees and compensation if you injure someone, with a bill for thousands of pounds that might jeopardise your business.

Our affordable insurance protects you against claims for injury to third parties, including your employees, along with interruption to your business after building and contents damage, and loss of money and goods.

So if your salon has to close due to a serious fire, flood or burglary, we’ll replace items that have been damaged or stolen, and make sure you’re not out of pocket while you get back on your feet again.


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Keeping your business covered

Our flexible policies let you choose the right level of cover for your business. And if you’re not sure, just give our knowledgeable insurance experts a call and we’ll help you choose. Our cover includes:

  • Public liability insurance

    Up to £2m cover for legal fees and damages if one of your employees causes injury or damage to your customers or their business

  • Product liability insurance

    Cover up to £2 million for legal fees and damages if your product causes injury or damage to your customers

  • Employers’ liability insurance

    Legally required for your business, we provide £10 million cover if you have to pay compensation or legal fees because your staff get ill or injured at work

  • Building cover

    Up to £2m for your premises in case of fire, flood, burglary or anything else that affects your building

  • Business interruption

    Cover up to £750,000 for lost business if your salon has to close due to fire, flood or burglary damage

  • Loss of money

    If you lose money or it’s stolen from your till or safe, you’re covered up to £10,000

  • Contents and stock

    Select cover up to £250,000 for the cost of replacing equipment, furnishings, and products that are damaged or stolen

  • Loss of license

    Protection up to £250,000 if your license to trade is revoked or not renewed

  • Goods in transit

    £10,000 cover for goods deliveries that are lost or damaged while in transit

The benefits of Caunce O’Hara insurance