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Why does IR35 matter to me?

HMRC are targeting contractor engagements they view as disguised employment. If you operate as a limited company contractor (also known as a Personal Service Company), or are a company that engages contractors, changes to IR35 in 2021 could impact your business.

Our IR35 Hub provides valuable information, resources, guides and news to help you successfully navigate the forthcoming changes, whether you are a contractor or engager.

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Detailed information covering all aspects of the IR35 off-payroll working legislation.
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Easy access to our IR35 calculator, the Contractors IR35 checklist, the timeline of IR35 events and much more.
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Easily accessible and downloadable IR35 guides to help you understand IR35 and how you can thrive under the legislation.
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Regularly updated news to keep you up to date with IR35 legislation, changes and events.
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IR35 in 2021: what's changing?

The forthcoming IR35 off-payroll working legislation will affect contractors and fee-payers in all sectors.

Indicates that content is particularly relevant to the Legislation applicable from April 2021.

Current legislation

Updated (for the public sector) April
  • In the private sector, contractors are responsible for determining their IR35 status
  • Contractors also have the liability for any unpaid Tax & NICs if IR35 is deemed to apply
  • In the public sector, the public sector body make the IR35 decision, the fee-payer must deduct tax & NICs based on that decision

Future legislation

from April
  • Fee-payers (which are not classed as a 'small company') will become responsible for determining the IR35 status of every contractor engagement
  • As a contractor, you may find you are moved onto your client's payroll, resulting in a lower take home pay

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Caunce O’Hara’s partnership with Markel enables us to offer a broad range of IR35-based products to protect contractors, fee-payers and end clients across the UK.

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