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IR35 Contract Review (24hr)

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Please upload a .pdf or Word document of your IR35 contract.

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In this questionnaire, please answer the questions on the basis of the working practices for the engagement your company has been asked to undertake. Please state if you have ever been an employee of the end client, or have worked before on an engagement as a contractor with that end client.

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Responses should reflect the true working practices, not what is stated in the contractual terms. Detail is important

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The contractual terms and schedule often only provide limited details of the work being undertaken and do not give real indication of how the services are being performed. By completing this section, you are giving us the opportunity to understand your working arrangements and consider these in conjunction with the contract.

4. The services that you are providing
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By submitting this questionnaire, you confirm that to the best of your knowledge, no material fact has been suppressed, misrepresented or misstated and that the above statements and declarations have been read over, checked and found to be correct.