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  • Adrian - Abcom Projects Ltd

    Many thanks for an excellent (and swift) experience
  • Chris Simpson - -

    I work offshore as my own limited company and was paid through an agency who took care of the required insurances for me. Having moved across to another agency this trip I have had to go and get these for myself now as this new firm work differently. I found your website online but having never dipped a toe into this kind of thing before, found myself phoning through for some assistance with the gobbledegook. I dealt with Paul Thorpe who I must say was very helpful indeed and I would just like to say how nice it was to speak with somebody who really grasped where I was coming from and could spell out things in lay-manís terms to me. Too often these days calling through to any company tends to lead to frustration from speaking with Ďrobotsí but that was not my experience with Paul. So I signed up for all the necessary cover but then after speaking with a colleague over lunch today he made me realise that I had overlooked getting insured for being off work too. So again I called Paul back and he held my hand and guided me through the maze of sickness cover! From there it was back the schemes dept to sign up to your policy and I dealt with another really good lad there in Robin Saltman. Yet again, another top bloke who was able to answer my really dumbass questions that I had. All in all, a good experience and a lot less painful than I was initially dreading. Thanks for making it that way guys, I appreciate it.
  • Into Risk - Freelance Contractor

    Claim dealt fairly and promptly.  Good to see that not all insurance companies wriggle out of payment on small print that is not material to the claim
  • Iain - Freelance Contractor

    Thanks for your efficient responses, and excellent service
  • Robert Feakes - Marazan Consulting Ltd

    I have been very impressed by the service offered by your firm over the past four years and also that your site is extremely easy to use and provides an extremely effective means of viewing my company's policies and status of business with your firm.
  • Robin Griffith - Tuskswift Ltd

    As we just discussed on the telephone, I have recently retired, and so I will no longer be needing the insurance policy for my company.  [You] have always provided us with excellent service, for which we are most grateful
  • Garry - Freelance Contractor

    Thank you for your very prompt reply - that's what I call service.  I will definitely recommend you to all my contractor friends!
  • Donald Forbes - -

    I have been very pleased with the policies and service from you since my first policy in 2007. I have recommended your firm to many colleagues. I shall not hesitate to contact you should I require cover in the future.
  • John - Freelance Contractor

    Very much appreciated.  This is why I have taken out my third year of cover with you  - good service!
  • Peter Fleming - Indigo Sport Ltd

    I was very happy with the service provided by yourselves and would definitely recommend you to others
  • Russell Smith - Russell Smith Associates

    Thanks for all the support over the last few years. I didn’t need to make any claims but I always found the service to be reliable and wouldn’t hesitate to use you again if my circumstances change.
  • Liz - Computer Consultancy

    Just wanted to say what an easy to use website!  Thanks
  • Mike Sutherland - Tiga Ikan Subsea Services Ltd

    Thank you, much appreciated, great service...........lovely.;-)
  • Andrew Illingworth - Widdop Bingham & Co. Ltd

    I write to you in connection with your most splendid efforts in connection with the fantastic outcome. I am delighted with the figure that you have managed to obtain.
  • Tom Yates - Orchard Internet Ltd

    Can I just say this was the most pleasant and most efficient claim I've ever made.
  • Nigel Harrison - Freelance Contractors

    Just a quick bit of feedback - congratulations on an excellent web-site service.  The Public Sector still has a lot to learn!   Your services were recommended to me by a friend, Jennifer Farish, who I believe is one of your existing customers.
  • David Banks - D J Banks Ltds

    It was an excellent day and you should all be proud of what you have achieved and where you are going. Not only for yourselves but also in the way you show support to the Lloyd's Market and in particular to Mitsui Syndicate. I would suggest that you all should be recognised as a bench mark by which other coverholders are measured against.
  • Mark Latham - Lathco Electroplaters Ltd

    Both David and myself would like to thank you for all the effort you have put into our renewal for our Commercial Combined Business Insurance this year. I know it was more complicated than the past renewals. We both appreciate your efforts in keeping our premium as low as possible.
  • Stephan Peters - Freelance Contractor

    I'd just like to write to say how impressed I am that the cost of my policies (except the Professional Indemnity policy, the cover of which I increased) has not increased into 2010-11.
  • Martin Rosling - AIMS

    Thanks very much for your prompt attention and constructive replies.  I am suitably reassured.  Furthermore I will be recommending your firm to colleagues
  • Caroline Locke - Spotless Recruitment

    Really appreciate your help, thank you and have a lovely evening
  • Rob - Westbrook Lodge Consultancy Limited

    Your professional, efficient and positive approach is very refreshing and reassuring.
  • James Martin - Bezier Consulting Ltd

    Thank you very much  absolutely brilliant service - i will reinsure with you again as soon as I am required to have cover
  • Nick Ford - Camford Consultants

    Many thanks for this. The attached is very helpful.Your customer service is refreshingly different from that of your competitors I've had to deal with (one broker took six weeks to give me a virtual shrug!).
  • Steve - Luminous Consultancy Ltd

    Great website - very easy to use for documents.  Best I've seen for ages
  • Bogdan - Marsellus IT Solutions Ltd

    Dziekuje za zmiane.  Predkosc rewelacyjna (Thank you for the update.  Thank you for excellent prompt service) 
  • Dominic - Stevens Lasserre

    I really appreciated that your company insured me, when not many would and that your representatives were helpful and professional. Your renewal/cancellation was transparent... and no hard-sell when I cancelled. 
  • Paul - Freelance Contractor

    Thanks for that.  I have never been so impressed by an insurance company before.  Feel free to quote me on that.
  • Susan Sloman - Freelance Contractors

    Thank you very much for your help this morning. I have now renewed my policy. Feedback: ·         It was easy to get in touch with you by phone. ·         You answered my query quickly and efficiently. ·         Your website is easy to use and logical. ·         Your quote was competitive.
  • Elizabeth Gilliard - Masterclass Insight Ltd

    Thank you very much for your prompt and friendly service. Also, for the ease of downloading your clear  documents. Excellent!
  • Joe Skaife - Freelance Contractor

    Thank you for your advice on indemnity cover. It is both thoughtful and helpful and enhances my view of you as a company to deal with. I do hope that I will have reason to use your insurance services again soon; I have chanced upon a most professional provider!
  • Ricky Walker - JEDIQ Ltd

    Thank you for your swift reply, it was exactly what I needed
  • Daniel - Freelance Contractor

    I appreciate your very together service is by no means normal in the UK
  • Derek Antczak - Anspec

    Just to confirm receipt of said documents and to underline my personal thanks to your good self for all professional and personal input to my needs. It has been a pleasure once again and As shared I shall have great joy in passing on my referral to colleagues who may be looking for insurance as and when.
  • Lee Turner - Venturo Ltd

    Thanks for the service which I found to be very professional and have recommended to severalfriends.
  • Johnny Young - Track Environmental Consultancy Ltd

    Really appreciate your help and support with this claim.  Can't recommend you and the insurance producthighly enough.
  • Ian Kipps - Spencer Cameron Photography Limited

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for processing our recent claim for a damaged digital SLR so quickly and efficiently. Will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs company insurance. Also, please pass on my gratitude to your agents CATS, for the same. Very impressed, thank you again!
  • Blair Thomson - .

    Im currently working offshore and wasn't sure I would get a reply so quickly or let alone a reply at all. Thankyou so much for being extremely efficient and getting that amended so quickly, it has really taken a load off my mind. I will make sure I recommend you to my colleagues. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day :)
  • Helen Muckle - Freelance Contractor

    In this times of ever increasing costs I thought it would be prudent to shop around - it was a very illuminating experience - and very frustrating.  Several people rang for further details and then didnt return quote details and then I had a very illuminating vhat with one of your 'competitors'. He asked which Insurers I was currently with, when I informed him that I was with your company he didn't even attempt to sell me a policy - he said that a) you were a well established company with solid underwriting backing up your policies and b) that for the type of insurance I was after I would be very lucky to find anyone who could match your prices.  He couldn't speak highly enough of your company and your products. I also have to praise your staff and business practices.  Ihave always found it easy to be connected to a member of staff helpful and quick to deal with any enquiry.
  • Alan Edwards - Pathfinder Robotics

    Thank you for your quick and informative reply and for taking care of this matter
  • Tania Bennett - Abbey View Solutions Ltd

    Can I take this opportunity to say thank you for your services over the last few years
  • Ian Simpson - IRS Coaching & Consulting

    The whole process was extremely efficient, hassle free and customer friendly - many thanks
  • Yunus Jannaty - Freelance Contractor

    May I say that getting my claim sorted has been painless and very efficient, especially Mark Smith from CATS who kept me informed and sorted me a replacement quickly and courteously. Thank you all for an excellent service.
  • Mr Jessett - Personal

    I was very pleased with the level of personal service I received and the speed with which may claim was processed.  Regular email updates were useful to keep me informed of the progress on my claim.
  • M Ehsan - Root Tec Solutions Ltd

    Just a quick email to Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter, and for the email confirmation on cancelling the Legal Expenses Policy
  • Eileen Spankie - .

    thanks for the e-mail but at this point I won't require legal cover.  If I do need it later, I will be delighted to contact yourcompany. I was very impressed with the service of your colleagues to date.
  • Alan Wood - Revelator IT Ltd

    Thanks for all your help with the laptop claim.  You've made the whole process very straightforward for me!
  • Wendy Henwood - -

    You have delivered a remarkably good service: helpful, prompt and meeting customer requirements to a "T". Even without the (very welcome) option of a refund, this policy was by far the best value PI that I could find, flexible and perfectly suited to my circumstances, with no irrelevant "free" add-ons. I am informing my professional body (Institute for Learning - IfL) and will recommend that they let their membership know of this excellent policy andservice.
  • Jane Portas - Mike Portas Inspection Services

    Received the email, thank you and I managed to log in ok too. Many thanks indeed- your magic wand works well!
  • Colin Edwards - Edwards the Warehouse Ltd

    Thanks very much indeed.  Once more, I apologise for creating the extra work for you.  I really appreciate the excellent service you all provide.
  • Miti - Commercial Client

    This is to say a big thank you for assisting me so ably with the insurance claim. I am most grateful. I received the cheque, now paid in and †am able to pay out the fee to Peter for restoring my property! All good news. Once again, so many thanks.
  • Tom - Contracting Firm

    This is a great idea - getting an email reminding me to renew online.  After I entered my credit card details I could print out a new certificate
  • Richard Williams - Freelance Contractor

    I have been pleased with the ease of setup of the required insurance using your company though  and will certainly consider using it again in the future.
  • Mark Green - M J Verdi

    I would just like to thank you once again for your assistance, it made the process very simple and painless.
  • Lisa Roberts - Poppy Consulting Limited

    Thank you for the swift, easy and simple information you provided to me over the phone this afternoon.  I was particularly impressed with being able to download the policies and invoice from your website.  Your competitors either made the process seem very long and complicated, wanted huge long application forms completed or had very unhelpful websites.  I am delighted with the service I have received from your company - the whole process took less than 10 minutes
  • Alun Edmunds - Ageless System Development

    Can I say how impressed I was with your site and the simple way that it was to complete the forms, plus the fact that I could amend my options to vary the quote until I was happy.  Also the web site has proved not just a very faceless environment as I have had a telephone conversation when I was not sure of a reply.
  • Anita Muganda - Diamond Technology Solutions Ltd

    I can't believe it!  This is beyond good news.  Thanks for all your efforts on this.  It's much appreciated.
  • George Gallagher - Database Consultant

    Thanks for your excellent prompt service, without which I would not be working this afternoon!!!
  • CBW Projects Ltd - CBW Projects Ltd

    I will continue to refer people to yourselves, as I have been very impressed with your level of service
  • Jody Gill - Crystal Umbrella

    They have a professional and friendly approach offering specialise advice by account managers with vast knowledge of their products.  They offer a great service, respond to queries or additional needs rapidly and efficiently.  The service they offer has been a success for our Company, being competitive in cost and great value for the excellent service provided.
  • Ralph Carter - Freelance Contractor

    just a quick note to thank you for your help, patience and prompt responses this morning - wonderful service which I will remember and pass on to others....
  • Karen Sands - .

    Fabulous, thanks , will definitely make you my first choice in future!
  • Jennifer - Freelance Contractor

    Thank you very much!  I really appreciate it, and will be recommending your company to other contractors
  • Pravin Shingadia - .

    Thanks very much - really impressed with your service. Definitely will use you again in  the future.
  • Tony Stewart - Computer Consultant

    I must say I am impressed with the speed of your response.  A credit to your organisation
  • Mark - Freelance Contractor

    Wanted to send you a note to say thank you for all your help today, spoke with many insurers, have to say experience with yourself was by far the most professional and efficient, I’m very impressed and will certainly use you again.
  • Henry Law - Lexicus Ltd

    I am enormously impressed with your company.  Your customer service is superb; your terms of business provide the flexibility that I need; your policies are appropriate for my requirements; and your prices are competitive.  
  • C Y Dookheea - VSCT

    I have been very impressed by your professionalism as nowadays there very few people who I deal with whoare as polite and well-mannered as you. Had there been a rating I would have given you 10 out of 10
  • Adriana Tate - .

    I have been dealing with a number if different of people in the last week or so and you have provided by far the most responsive, speedy customer service
  • Dan Hartescu - Dan Hartescu

    Thank you for the excellent insurance service you have provided so far. Since the services you provided were of great value, should I need insurance in the near future, I will certainly contact you again. Thank you for understanding and allowing my insurance to expire without renewal on the specified date.
  • Thomas Creem - TNC Professional Services Ltd

    Thanks for the very pleasant email, and for the great service that [you] have given me.  I have been very pleased with the ease of getting coverage and the completeness of the policies.  However, I am not working as a contractor right now, and my limited company will not show any assignments.  Therefore I do not need insurance any longer.
  • Paul Chambers - Allroads Training Ltd

    Again many thanks for your speedy reply, I will certainly inform other training centres within the Highways and Construction Training Association of your prompt and professional [service]
  • Freelance Contractor - APM Ltd

    Thanks for your speedy response and for all your help in setting up the insurances in the first place.  I have had a very positive esxperience with your company and will be happy to use your services in the future.
  • Mr Turcan - imEnginat-iCE Ltd

    Thank you very much for these answers.  The policy cover is much clearer (and of satisfaction). Thanking you again for your good and very dedicated support.  This has been and is much appreciated.
  • Chantel DeSenna - Freelance Contractor

    Thank you so much for your assistance on Monday. Please let your manager know that I was very impressed with the service you provided & your personable, easy going & friendly manner. You're the reason I decided to go with you & not Hiscox who were relatively the same price.
  • Terry Skee - Renewables R US Ltd

    Many thanks and having reviewed the work that had been done in the company’s name it won’t be necessary to have any Run-off cover, but really appreciate the prompt, I would just like to put it on record that I have been very happy with the products, staff and service and will continue to recommend you to all/any contacts that I come across to give you a look up before trying anyone else,
  • Murray Amber-Shatlock - Toptimiser

    Many thanks for your greatly appreciated good service.  I appreciated you taking such good care of me
  • Mark Addison - Freelance Contractor

    That’s precisely the type of service I was hoping you would provide. Thanks again for the efficiency and quick turn around.
  • Gordon Neilson - GN3D Engineering

    Many thanks - excellent service
  • Darius Ariana - Infonet Group Limited

    I would like to take this opportunity and thank your company for a smooth and pleasant service
  • Colin Dickens - .

    I can confirm the refund is acceptable and that I wish to cancel the policy as per my telephone conversation with Natalie yesterday. Having now retired there is no further need for this cover. I fully understand the refund will take a little while to complete, but once again have to thank you both for the speed and simple process in order to cancel this policy. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who wishes to take out similar cover in the future. Once again many thanks for you assistance, not only in the cancellation but also when I originally setup the policy, if only more companies and their staff were as helpful as you both have been life would be so more pleasant.  
  • Kim Bradley - F Duerr & Sons Ltd

    Communicating information and updates on a cases’ progression, whilst requiring minimal input from, or causing any disruption to, the Company. Your professional approach at handling each individual case means that we can concentrate on what further preventative measures we can adopt to prevent future claims, instead of having our time taken up by ‘red tape’ and legal systems.
  • Tim Wenmoth - Allmec Engineering Ltd

    Thank you for all your assistance over the past couple of months with regards to the claim for our stolen machinery.  After experiencing an especially difficult 12 months last year, this situation could have shut us down just as we seemed to be turning things around.
  • Bibby Ronberg - Bibby Moanawhare Limited

    Thank you!  That was very prompt - impressive
  • Bruce Taylor - BAT Systems Ltd

    Thanks for the prompt action.  Thats great service!
  • Julie Finch - Consultancy

    I really appreciate your support and efficiency in your help to us as a small business
  • Clinton - Freelance Contractor

    It has been a pleasure dealing with you and if I require your services again, I will most certainly contact you.
  • Colin - Trowley Services

    Many thanks for you assistance in this matter, it was a pleasant surprise to find such a helpful person and a simple process, if only all companies were like yours life would be much easier.
  • Anushe Low - Freelance Contractor

    We are taking measures to install additional security including an alarm system etc so I hope I will never have to go through this stress again! Thank you for your kind assistance on this matter. It has been a very stressful week and we are pleased with the way you handled our case – I will indeed recommend your company to the photography community who follow me on twitter and elsewhere.
  • Franck - Overseas Contractor

    Would you accept my very big gratitude and all my countless thanks for all your time and help and efforts.
  • Neil Spencer - PPL Group

    Now that is what I call service.   Many thanks for getting that to me so quickly.
  • Paul Johannsen - .

    Dear Donna & Team, Thanks for the great telephone advice and service
  • Glenn Crawford - Acuity Electronics

    Thanks for organising your insurance renewal prompt service.  I thank you and your colleagues for the good service I have received over the years
  • Mary Clark - Freelance Contractor

    Many, many thanks for your advice and support over the past five years and I will recommend you to colleagues etc should they ask my advice about insurance cover for similar business.
  • Caroline Southard - Freelance Contractor

    The reason I navigated away and called up was because it wasn't picking up that I wanted £2k of portable equipment cover under the general business insurance plan (can't remember your name for it now).†† I therefore called in so someone could manually intervene. I was very impressed with the ease of ordering this insurance actually.† I thought it was so slick, I wasn't even sure you were legitimate so called BIBA and FSA!†† It's not really like any other type of insurance experience I have had and your people are really helpful on the phone, so well done.
  • Sue Roberts - Ecomorph Ltd

    Well done you! Thanks ever so much. Excellent service as always.
  • Terry Skee - Renewables R Us Ltd

    The contact details for the insurers that I recommended to you this morning are below – let them know you got their details from me (please), they are an excellent outfit who I am sure will be able to look after you.
  • Ilan Chamovitz - .

    I am happy to receive it and would like to congratulate you for the excellence in your assistance.
  • Pete - Freelance Contractor

    I have to say I am impressed with it [the website] and its certainly good to have both my policies linked so I can see what's what really easily.  Many thanks for your continuing support.
  • Chris Kirby - Waterstone Learning Ltd

    Did a lot of quote research and this was by far the most competitive and comprehensive. Excellent deal.
  • Andrew - AcePayMe

    This please is just to express our very many thanks for your help, attention, and very prompt action in dealing with our uplift request and providing the replacement certificate.
  • John Gleeson - Freelance Contractor

    I returned to work on the 02/05/2011, I have attached my final sick note for your attention.Thank you for your very helpful services during this stressful time.
  • Jarrod Greer - Freelance Contractor

    Thank you for sending through the renewal reminder.  Due to a change in personal circumstances I recently made the Limited company dormant and therefore no longer require insurances.    Thank you for the first class service and competitive Insurance prices that you has provided me with over the last few years.  If I start the company up again you will be the first place I will come to for my insurance needs.
  • Simon Nicolson - ISMENE LIMITED

    I wish all service providers were as helpful.
  • Cheryl Salmon - The French Translation Company

    Many thanks for the speedy and efficient service!
  • Jonathan Evershed - Satmap

    Please go ahead and renew.  We have decided to stay with you because of the quality of service we have received over the years
  • Laura Watkins - Freelance Contractor

    Just a quick note (from my repaired laptop) to say that I was extremely grateful for all the help you and CATS on their behalf gave me with my damaged PC. As a small business, a damaged laptop like that is a real disruption, but I found the support to be very thorough and speedy. Though there were problems with getting the Sony parts, I was very impressed by the range of options that you gave me and was pleased that my old pc could be repaired, still in good time. Communication worked very well and the whole experience was very professional.
  • Phil - Freelance Contractor

    Fantastic, I have the new certificate. This greatly helps in taking up new opportunities, I’m pleased that I hold the policy with such a flexible and understanding provider, I hope we both benefit with increasing turnover!   Many thanks for your help and action,
  • Jenni - Freelance Contractor

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help due to the email mix-up (because I didn’t advise you guys of my new email address) That’s me got everything I need now. Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service!
  • Nicola Martin - Milmar Ltd

    The new online login is great - really efficient service as always
  • Melanie Appleby - Freelance Contractor

    I would like to say I have had excellent service from your Company and will recommend when possible I just wish other Company’s would take a leaf out of your books once again Thank you
  • Tim Barrett - Goodlime Ltd

    May I say what a pleasure it is to deal with a company whose administration and customer service is so courteous, efficient and speedy
  • Shaban Pelecanos - Contractor

    Thank you for your continued service over the years, and I will be recommending you to my fellow contractors