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DWP hit with huge tax bill for historic IR35 contractor status assessment errors


It has emerged that the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) was hit with a huge £87.9 million tax bill…

What is my IR35 status?


As a private sector contractor operating through a Personal Service Company (PSC), you can’t afford to wait until April 2021…

Factors that determine IR35 status


IR35 v self-employment Just to clarify a key point before we begin, a contractor does not have to be engaged…

Private sector IR35 soon to be reality


On April 6th 2021, the contractor’s worst scenario will become reality… IR35 in the private sector will finally go live….

Just 2 months left until the IR35 reform: what do contractors need to know?


On the 6th April 2021, the IR35 private sector changes will come into effect. With this date now just a…

What is IR35 and who does it apply to?

A useful starting point is to explore the background to the off-payroll working legislation (IR35), because the changes that came…

The blanket approach to IR35


The delay in the introduction of the IR35 legislation allowed contractors and their clients extra time to prepare. It also…

HMRC “kicks back” in latest IR35 case

HMRC “kicks back” at Upper Tribunal in latest win against Paul Hawksbee In July 2019 we saw the fight between…

6 Questions you need to ask yourself about IR35


The fundamentals of IR35 are NOT changing: understanding the key status indicators – personal service, control, and mutuality of obligations – is…

IR35 Calculator

Use our free IR35 calculator to appreciate the tax saving between being outside and inside IR35. Once you know what’s at stake, you can take steps to protect your position or use the information to pitch for a better rate.

The impact on contractors of the deferral of private sector IR35 reform until April 2021

Since Steve Barclay, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury announced a 12-month delay to the IR35 private sector reform in…

Why do I need an IR35 contract review?

If you are a contractor with any doubts as to the compliance and validity of your contract in relation to…

IR35 changes 2021: What you need to know

The Government has reaffirmed plans to make changes to off-payroll working (IR35) rules effective from April 2021. The main principles…

Off-payroll working in the private sector

Despite the protests and lobbying of the Government, the only reference in the Budget notes makes it very clear that…

Contractors’ IR35 Guide


Helping contractors navigate the maze of IR35 legislation and taxation.

COVID-19 and IR35: Should your clients relax now the legislation is postponed?


Steve Barclay, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, announced that due to the effects of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the changes to…