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Why do I need an IR35 contract review?

Why do I need an IR35 Contract Review?

If you are a contractor with any doubts as to the compliance and validity of your contract in relation to IR35 legislation, a contract review can help.

It will provide you with a clear explanation of your status in the eyes of the HMRC and help determine whether you are working Inside IR35 or Outside IR35.

If you are a private sector contractor, it is essential that you ensure your contract fits within IR35 legislation. A contract review will check that clauses in your contract are compliant and that your working practices follow the terms and conditions stated in your contract.

Our partners will conduct a contract review which will provide you with an IR35 “pass” or “fail”, when concluded by the tax experts at our disposal. You will receive a report which considers both the contractual terms and working practices based on case law and an unbiased, independent opinion which could save you thousands of pounds if HMRC do start an enquiry.


An essential part of our Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses insurance solution

The contract review is available for only £60.00 when purchased as part of our Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses Insurance policy. The policy provides you with access to free helplines for legal risk advice, tax advice and a law hub which includes live chat and qualified help.

For peace of mind regarding your IR35 status a Contract Review is essential. Book yours today on 0333 321 1403.

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