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Steve Haines BSc, FPA Member, NEBOSH Cert - Risk Manager

Steve Haines Risk Manager at Caunce O'Hara

Steve has over 30 years' experience as a surveyor, risk surveyor and risk management expert and talks about his experience below.

“Following my graduation in building surveying in 1990 I returned to working for an insurance company in their building and technical services department working on facilities management, refurbishment and maintenance projects on investment property around the whole country.

A side ways step into risk management in early 1995 brought me to the fore in supporting commercial and domestic insurance clients and risk surveying a wide range of trades  providing technical support to large commercial businesses on fire, including sprinklers, security and liability risks. There was a good emphasis on keeping up to date and qualified on the health and safety legislation that proliferated through the EU six pack of 1992 which became a more prevalent part of the work in successive years.

As a contract surveyor from 2007 to 2010 I undertook fire risk assessment work and risk surveys for a large number of different insurers before the opportunity in March 2010 arose to create a niche risk management service within Caunce O’Hara.

This position has certainly helped develop my expertise and I have often said ‘stretch’ me as a risk surveyor.

Whereas my opposite numbers at insurance company level will principally talk about what needs to be done I will be actively providing the resource to ensure it is done and at the same time build a close working relationship with the client, essentially imbedding myself within their team. So be that undertaking fire risk assessment work or building a health and safety management system including delivering training to company employees the outcome is always a feeling of making the client better. I am the doctor of broker risk management.

Objectively, the service provides the basis of ensuring compliance with insurance policy conditions, producing the technical reporting necessary to achieve success in our marketing process and aiming for competitive premiums and value with good policy wording. A particular ambit of the work is advising and encouraging the client to achieve HSE compliance and establish good loss prevention strategies.

Having worked all around UK/Europe for Caunce O’Hara and utilising my 34 years’ surveying experience I like to support and  develop our broking team and I work hard to support our existing and prospective clients with their risk management needs, aiming to make them better.  Keeping, as we say, the businesses safe and thriving.”


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