Freelance trends for 2017

Freelance Trends 2017

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January has arrived and along with it brings reflections of the past year and anticipation of what 2017 has to offer but for Freelancers there is no need to be worried. You have great things to look forward to over the next 12 months, more opportunities will emerge, working cultures are adapting to change and the demand for your services will continue to grow.

Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the Top Freelance Trends making the rounds for Freelancers in 2017.

  • You’re in demand.
    That’s right freelancer’s businesses actively want to hire you and are on the lookout for those wanting to fulfil a temporary or freelance role. As technology develops daily to accommodate remote working employers are happily adopting the blended workforce as they begin to reap the benefits. There’s no hiding the positive feedback and it’s been well-documented for example better work, faster service, lower costs.
  • Freelancers will make more money.
    As mentioned above the adoption of the blended workforce will partly help towards a rise in revenue for most freelancers and another big driver will be as Freelancing matures so will the ability to maximise profit. Take note from Cloudpeeps “Freelancers are becoming increasingly savvy in how they package and market their skills to clients. Much of freelance success is based on understanding what your client needs, how you can help them, and how you structure each job. As more freelancers join the workforce, we’ll see them share their findings and learn from each other, and ultimately become more profitable business owners.”
  • Freelance communities will grow.
    As more of your friends, family and past colleagues begin to see the flexibility of your working life they too will want a piece of the pie and as freelance work becomes increasingly more profitable and sustainable in 2017 why wouldn’t they? No, it isn’t all rose petals and sunshine it’s hard work and the decision to leave job security to go it alone can be scary but when they are surrounded by some of the greatest advocates would it be a mistake to let the opportunity pass?
  • Teams will expand.
    As competition increases so will collaboration, if you can’t do something I bet you know someone that can which means you will reap the rewards on collaborating with fellow freelancers from time to time. By developing your service offering you will be at the front running for roles that one man bands can’t handle alone but by working together it will make both your skill sets and project offerings stronger. Adding to this the advantages of remote learning and new tools released daily it is easier than ever to manage and build a virtual team from around the world.
  • Increased project opportunities.
    The Freelancers Union survey states that 66% of freelancers said the amount of work they obtain online has increased in the past year. Now more than ever it is becoming increasingly easier to find work, of course reputation and word of mouth still stands for a lot but as online tools develop so does opportunity. The increasing developments of online Freelance Platforms that advertise work across the world now allow customer feedback and virtual face to face live chats. A future employer can find everything they need at the click of a button and they can advertise the exact job they need performing resulting in a selection of worthy candidates within minutes.


So, there we have it a short and sweet round up of Freelancer Trends for 2017 and as we can see it’s a great time to be a freelancer! Job and revenue possibilities are growing, and the global freelance community is stronger than ever. I would say that’s a pretty great start to 2017 wouldn’t you?

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