Tips for closing the sale and standing out in a competitive market.

Closing the sale – Keep it simple

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Tips for closing the sale and standing out in a competitive market.

Large or small, failing to understand your own proposition can make it difficult to promote and put value on your services and offering. In order to help sell your products or services try to stick to five simple steps.

1. Listen to your customer

It’s amazing how many people neglect this hugely important skill. The most important part of closing stems from excellent listening skills. When engaging a prospect it’s important to understand their needs. Get to know their business and personal motivation. It shows you understand their business especially when you ask follow up questions.  Remember the best way to do this is by asking open ended questions.

2. Be consultative, sell the outcome not the process

At a glance many businesses look the same. Their products, prices and services look and feel the same. You really need to understand the features of your proposition. How can you differentiate what you provide? What is it in these features that compliments the client? Once you understand that share the experience and the outcome with the client.

3. Value beats price every time

Be the best value and not the cheapest. It is really important that you tell your prospect the quality of your proposition. Whether it’s a product or service, it’s important to emphasise why you charge that particular rate and what is the value in doing so. Prospective customers want the best value and service, that doesn’t mean the cheapest.

4. Recognise buying signals

For me timing is essential, how can you ask for the business when you don’t recognise the BUYING signals? When you have done the groundwork and the prospect shows buying signals, it’s the fruition of good planning. The obvious signals are your client repeating the benefit of your proposition, asking about payment methods and paperwork.

5. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Seems obvious and should come easy if the preparation has been done but too many sales people neglect this element and as a consequence they lose the sale. When you notice the signals don’t be afraid to ask for the business. It shows that you have an appetite to want their business. Don’t be afraid of a no. You can always deal with the objection and understand how to re-close or follow up.

It’s all about confidence, believe in your business and you will close more deals.


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