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What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

PI insurance will cover your defence costs in the event a claim is made against you. Claims vary depending on the industry, examples include:

IT contractors – A software application or website that you delivered for a client is not fit for purpose. The client makes a claim against you for the cost of rectifying the mistake.

Engineers – Computer aided design (CAD) work you provide contains incorrect measurements which cause delays to your clients’ project. The client claims against you for the cost of correcting the errors.

Management consultants – A business plan you wrote to a client doesn’t deliver the expected results the client had hoped for. The client claims against you financial losses incurred as a result.

Creative media professionals – You make a mistake in work you produce for a client, or break the terms of a contract. The client claims for financial losses incurred as a result.

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PI insurance that enables you to work with peace of mind

Professional indemnity insurance will protect you and your business if a client suffers financial loss as a result of advice, design or professional services you have provided.

Caunce O’Hara PI insurance provides cover for your legal costs and expenses incurred in defending a claim, and compensation or costs that may be awarded following:

   Professional negligence, including a mistake in work delivered to a client or poor advice given.

   Unintentional breach of confidentiality, such as sharing sensitive client information without permission.

   Unintentional breach of copyright, including the use of an image on your website without permission.

   Defamation and libel, such as making false comments about a competitor or client that damages their reputation.

   Loss of documents or data.

   Loss of money or goods, for which you are responsible.

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Insurance that reflects the risks of your profession

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Professional indemnity insurance experts

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Insurance for freelancers, contractors and small businesses

Choose from our range of insurance protection products below. Simply click for a quick online quote.

For business professionals

Professional indemnity insurance

Protects against claims of alleged negligence in your professional services, advice and designs.

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For business professionals

Public liability insurance

Protects against injuring a member of the public or damaging their property. Click to build a quote online in minutes.

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For business owners

Employers’ liability insurance

A legal requirement for anyone employing staff. Protects your business in-case an employee is injured at work.

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For business professionals

Legal expenses insurance

Cover for contract disputes, tax investigations, court attendance, debt recovery, and more.

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For business professionals

Personal accident insurance

Cover for work injuries, illnesses caused by work and compensation awards.

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For business professionals

Commercial crime insurance

Protection for losses from fraud, dishonesty, theft, bribery, forgery, and loss investigations.

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Benefits of Caunce O’Hara professional indemnity insurance at a glance

There are many benefits to our PI insurance for freelancers, contractors and business owners.

Business insurance policies that give you peace of mind that you are covered, so you can concentrate on your business.
Immediate cover available, with documents issued via email in minutes!
Cover for legal defence costs and compensation bills arising from a claim.
Flexible monthly payments.

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Frequently asked business insurance questions

Find out more about our business insurance products here.

If you are unsure if you need professional indemnity insurance, this list of instances when it is advisable to be insured:
▪ You provide an expert service to your clients
▪ You provide consultancy and advice to your clients
▪ You handle personal information and data for your clients
▪ Your professional membership body insists you carry it
▪ Your client insists that you have it.

The level of protection you need will depend on the value of the work you do and the potential liability. Caunce O’Hara can help you build the ideal insurance policy that will help protect all areas of your business.
Available limits of indemnity range from £50,000 cover per annum up to £5,000,000 per annum.

▪ Legal expenses – Should a claim be made against you the policy will provide cover to help with the cost of legal proceedings.
▪ Cost of repairs – The cost of repairing damage to the claimant’s property, such as accidentally knocking over and breaking a valuable ornament in their offices during a meeting, or a plumber causing a leak/flood to a customer’s premises and damaging carpets as a result.
▪ Medical fees – The cost of hospital treatment, including ambulance call-out, if a claim is made against you for these.
▪ Compensation claims – Injury to third parties or damage to their property if an accident occurs on your business premises, a client’s premises or elsewhere.

Employers Liability cover is required by law for most businesses. You will need it if:
▪ You deduct Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions from the money you pay your employees.
▪ You have control over where and when your employees work.
▪ You have the right to claim profit made by your employees.
▪ You provide the equipment and materials your employees use.
▪ You need them to perform the job you employ them for and if the employee is unable to provide a substitute if they are unable to work.
▪ You have part-time or temporary employees.