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In a high-pressure recruitment environment, it’s crucial to protect your business comprehensively against the unexpected.

With insurance cover and the type or levels of that cover often being a condition of contracts, our specialist recruitment agency insurance gives you comprehensive cover in a competitively priced package to meet your business and contractual needs. This means you can concentrate on what you do best – placing the right people into the right roles with the reassurance that your business has comprehensive protection.

Our expert team understands your industry and will tailor the right cover for you, backed by top-rated insurers. We can arrange cover for Employer’s Liability, Professional Indemnity, Public and Product Liability, include Vicarious Liability, Driver’s Negligence and Fidelity Bonding, as well as Personal Accident cover.

So if your company places an unqualified candidate because essential background checks haven’t been done properly, or one of your employees has acted fraudulently, or you’ve placed someone in an environment that isn’t fit for work, the cost of a potential claim against you is covered.

Our industry-leading product provides the flexibility for a bespoke suite of covers that will meet your requirements and contractual needs whilst affording comprehensive protection underwritten in one policy by one insurer.


Keeping your business covered

Our flexible policies let you choose the right level of cover for your business and extend it to tailor your insurance package specifically to your company. Just call our insurance experts and we’ll give you all the advice you need.

  • Public liability

    Cover for legal fees and damages if one of your employees causes injury or damage to your customers or their business

  • Employers liability

    A UK business requirement, covering your business for compensation or legal fees if your staff get ill or injured at work

  • Professional indemnity

    Cover for unintentional breach of contract, negligence, breach of confidence or intellectual rights, defamation and civil liability

  • Commercial legal expenses

    Cover to pay legal fees in commercial court cases

  • Drivers’ negligence

    Cover for damage or injury caused by a temporary driver your agency has provided

  • Fidelity bonding

    Cover for misconduct by your employees that leads to financial loss

  • Cyber liability

    Cover up against virus attacks, system hacks, cyber extortion and cyber crime

  • Vicarious liability

    Cover against negligence by your employees

  • Personal accident

    Lump sum cover for the permanent disablement or death of one of your temporary workers while travelling to or from their work placement. This is in addition to employers’ liability

  • Directors and officers

    Protects directors and officers against personal claims

The benefits of Caunce O’Hara insurance


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