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Quick and easy insurance for your office so you can work with peace of mind that you’re covered.

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Whether you work in an office or from home, this insurance will cover your office contents including computers and electronic office equipment, furniture, stationery and documents whilst within your property.

It is important to note that if you work from home, these items owned by the business would not be covered under a household insurance policy.

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What is office insurance?

Office insurance provides cover for your business against unexpected events, or events that are beyond your control, that can have a significant impact on your workplace.

The policy can include cover for structural damage to your businesses structure, plus cover for your office equipment in Case you need to make a claim for loss, damage or theft.

The policy can also provide cover for the risks associated when dealing with members of the public and/or your staff.


Who needs office insurance?

Office insurance is beneficial to many companies including:

  • Businesses that own or rent office premises.
  • Companies that deal with customers.
  • Any business that owns equipment such as computers, printers, and furniture.
  • Businesses whose staff visit a client’s premises or you have clients visit their own premises.
  • Organisations that either sell products to customers or install products for customers.

Why choose Caunce O'Hara for your office insurance?

Caunce OHara business insurance for contractors and freelancers

Trusted by over 23,000 clients for their business insurance.


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Questions about office insurance

The office combined insurance policy provides all-round cover for your business including:

General contents insurance

Your contents are covered for all risks which includes, but is not limited to theft, fire, water damage from burst pipes and malicious damage.

When getting a quote for your cover, remember that the value you should use, to ensure you’re not underinsured, is the new replacement cost of the items.


Business interruption insurance

This section provides loss of profits / increased cost of working cover on a first loss basis. This ensures your business will have funds available following a material damage loss to rent alternate premises to continue trading.

Cover is provided until the time you are trading at a similar level to before your loss and you’re back in your own premises. Or the cover will be provided up to the sum insured chosen, whichever produces the lowest claim.

Business interruption insurance is not available as a stand-alone policy, and is only available if purchased as part of our office combined insurance policy.


Portable equipment insurance

The insurance will cover accidental physical loss (including theft) or damage, with levels of cover available from £1,000 up to £5,000. You can choose whether or not this cover is within the UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Examples of equipment covered includes laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, hardware and tools, projectors, printers, video cameras and equipment.


Public liability insurance

This insurance will provide protection for anyone who visits client’s premises or who receive visitors to their own premises. It covers your business for claims made by third parties, for property damage and personal injury.  For instance if a client is accidently injured by you or your business operation or if you damage your client’s equipment.

The policy will cover the legal expenses incurred in defending a claim, as well as the cost of repairs, medical fees and compensation awarded to the claimant.

The minimum limit is £1m, however if you’re involved in arranging events or exhibitions, we also offer £2million and £5million.


Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance covers your business from claims made against you from third parties for property damage and personal injury arising from goods or products sold or supplied by you.

This office combined policy provides cover in respect of goods or products sold or supplied by you, in conjunction with your professional services. You should retain the right to redirect to, or recover from, any manufacturer or supplier should a third party claim be made against you .

The minimum limit of indemnity is £1m. However, it is recommended that you select a similar limit to Public Liability insurance.

Please note: this office combined policy is not designed for companies that manufacture goods or products for which more specific insurance cover should be sought.


Manual work optional extension

Should you undertake any incidental manual work as a part of your contract for example drilling or cabling, then you will require this extension.

Manual Work must not represent more than 20% of your fee income and cover is not available for individuals who carry out manual work at offshore installations such as oil rigs.

Our office combined insurance provides a broad range of business covers in one package, including general office contents insurance, cover for your portable business equipment, business interruption cover including loss of profits and increased cost of working, public liability insurance which is vital for any business that deals with customers, and product liability insurance.

The policy will provide protection for your business if you are a victim of theft or are subject to a claim of accidental damage to someone’s property or injury to a member of the public.

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