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Caunce O’Hara – Outstanding Customer Service

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At Caunce O’Hara, we aim to provide an outstanding customer service, excellent coverage and competitive premiums for business insurance in our chosen markets.

Our purpose is to help our customers plan for the unexpected, feel protected and thrive.

Keeping our customers happy is an integral part of this, which is why customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

We look at things from a client’s perspective and show that we understand their business needs, while consistently providing a welcoming and supportive approach.

Our Schemes Account Handler, Ryan, demonstrates these values perfectly in the recent feedback, received over email, from a client who said:

”I am currently going through therapy and have been unable to work on my business for a while. I explained that as a result I cannot afford to pay my premium all at once for the year. [Ryan] listened, empathised and resolved the issue. He moved me to monthly terms. I cannot tell you what a huge weight this is off my mind. I am in tears of relief. I rang up feeling like a failure, and ended the call feeling valued and cared for. Thank you very much for being a caring and trusted company”.


Caunce O'Hara Schemes Account Handler - Ryan Healey.

Schemes Account Handler – Ryan Healey.

Ben Leeson, Head of Caunce O’Hara, thanked the client for their wonderful feedback and wished them all the best from everyone here at Caunce O’Hara. Ben commented, saying:

“Customer service like this underpins the Caunce O’Hara ethos. Whilst I know Ryan and the rest of the team do this on a daily basis, recognition like this means a lot. It reassures us that our customers are happy with the service we provide and assures other freelancers, contractors and business owners out there that we are a trustworthy insurance broker, who aim to make a difference.”


Founded in 1995, Caunce O’Hara pioneered the selling of policies online and remains one of the most dynamic commercial insurance brokers in the UK.

If you have any insurance queries, do not hesitate to contact our award-winning schemes team on 0333 321 1403.

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The feedback we receive from our customers is invaluable to us. To read more reviews to see how our clients benefit from our outstanding customer service, visit our Testimonials page here.


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