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With our comprehensive insurance, tailored for your umbrella company, you’ll know you’re protected.

You’ll benefit from competitive premiums, sector specialism and flexible coverage options, whilst receiving great support from our expert advisors and handlers.

Protect your business, your way

Our four specialist umbrella company insurance options are:

  • Comprehensive umbrella cover: insurance for your company and your contracted employees.
  • Block policy: covers the company and all personal service companies (PSCs) to which the company provides its services. Importantly, our Professional Indemnity cover is without an aggregate policy limit which means that each and every personal service company (PSC) enjoys its very own limit of cover without fear of a shared limit of cover being exhausted by another personal service company (PSC). All PSCs will be furnished with a verification certificate detailing their cover as part of your overall block policy.
  • Set individual policies: if you’ve got appointed representative status, you can offer insurance directly to PSCs, including the capability to issue policy documents to set up cover quickly and easily for your PSCs.
  • White label insurance: Via an introducer agreement, encourage sign-up and increase retention by offering discounted cover to PSCs on an individual basis from £78.40 a year, giving the freedom for the PSC to choose its own insurance package through your company’s website.


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