This Sports Day was NOT for kids

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Work hard, play hard. That’s the motto Caunce O’Hara played by as we hosted our first ever Sports Day, and boy this Sports Day was not for kids!

We invited eight teams made up of Manchester business professionals to battle it out against one another in their favourite childhood field games.

But why a sports day?

Health and wellbeing is important to Caunce O’Hara, recently launching our new ‘Health and Wellbeing’ insurance product for freelancers, we understand the importance of keeping our team healthy and happy, not only on the race track but in our day-to-day working life also.

With a rise in incidents of both health and mental health conditions across the UK’s work force. We recognise it’s essential to not only keep our business safe and thriving, but our employees too. The wellbeing of our team is something we have focused on for many years, with regular trips abroad and engaging the services of a visiting masseuse at our offices. We want to encourage our workforce to step away from their desks and take five minutes from time to time.

As the offerings of health and wellbeing services develop more and more business owners opt for a healthier life, resulting in the number of freelancers hitting the market increasing. Understanding how important this is we have a created a product just for them so they can continue making people happy and healthy across the country.

We wanted to share our ethos and encourage other Manchester businesses to get outdoors, to network and make new friends. Every now and again we can become overwhelmed with the responsibilities of our working life and forget to make time for ourselves. It’s a great benefit not only to yourself but your business too, to take a step back and just have some fun, fun like you had in the old days. Taking this into consideration and a little brain storming this was where the Caunce O’Hara Sports Day was created.

Caunce O’Hara

Hitting the tracks at Sale Fc were Pareto, Ziferblat, Ascendis, Harper James, UKFast, Claire House and ourselves. Entering our teams to be in with a chance to be crowned ‘Caunce O’Hara Sports Day 2017’ winners we fastened up our laces, pulled up our socks and competed in dodgeball tournaments, egg and spoon races, relays, wheelbarrow races, and so much more.


Caunce O’Hara put up a big fight, making the final in the dodgeball, battling it out with all their energy. But, in that last moments, it just wasn’t enough and Harper James rose to victory. Our Account Handler Dave showed his strength and determination tackling the wheelbarrow race for Claire House alongside Schemes Handler Katie giving it her all in the Egg & Spoon. The Tug of war was tough for all and was said to be a highlight of the day.

Harper James

Our winners this year were Pareto who bagged winner’s medals and vouchers to enjoy. They put up a tough fight, but their points flying high above the rest sore them rise to victory. Not forgetting our charity, Claire House. All of our entry fees, raffle ticket purchases and donations went to them on the day and we managed to raise over £350 for the children’s hospice based on the Wirral.

Claire House

We thank each and every one of our teams for taking part, we hope their muscles aren’t aching too much and we can’t wait for the 2018 games to begin.

To see all of the pictures and videos from the day you can find them on Flickr and Facebook.

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