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Cyber content related to cyber crime and cyber insurance

  • Cyber risk stalks ALL industries regardless of size

    Posted on 26th July 2021 by Phil Ainley MCIM, CMktr, Dip DigM

    Cyber – adjective Relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality. Cyberattack – noun An attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a compu...

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  • fast moving data

    Tips to protect sensitive data while travelling

    Posted on 27th May 2021 by Phil Ainley MCIM, CMktr, Dip DigM - Marketing Manager

    Travellers are constantly connected to the internet and other digital platforms via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth through their variety of digital devices. It is common to see professionals working on their ...

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  • 5G cyber security challenge

    5G and the cyber security challenge

    Posted on 25th June 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    On Thursday 30th of May 2019, 5G connectivity from EE went live here in Manchester. Manchester is among the first 6 major UK cities to have been chosen by the mobile network to benefit from the fir...

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  • commercial crime and cyber risks on the railways 600px

    Reducing your cyber risk on the railways

    Posted on 22nd April 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    Commentary about the elevated levels of cyber risks to UK industry and online consumers, due to our growing reliance on technology, are common. The rail industry is no different from any other in t...

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  • AI and machine learning and cyber insurance

    Robot Wars

    Posted on 5th February 2019 by Andrew Wells BA (Hons) ACII, Commercial Director

    As a society we are constantly edging closer to complete autonomous problem solving. This is being rolled out across a huge number of industries with insurance being quite accepting of this new techno...

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  • Shop safely this cyber monday

    Shop ‘cyber safe’ on Cyber Monday

    Posted on 15th November 2018 by Hannah Boardman - Digital Marketing Apprentice

    Cyber Monday is the perfect start to the holiday season. Despite its hectic nature, it’s a great time for people to get the best, most affordable deals online just in time for Christmas. If chaotic ...

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  • Tips for Protecting Your Small Business From Cybercrime

    Posted on 21st September 2017 by Caunce O'Hara (updated December 2020 by Phil Ainley, Marketing Manager)

    When it comes to cybercrime, small companies are often lured into a false sense of security. When we see news coverage of big companies being targeted, it’s easy to assume that anything smaller w...

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  • 5 Security Tips Every Start-up Should Know

    Posted on 24th October 2016 by Caunce O'Hara

    Starting a business is hard work and in terms of your priorities right now security is probably coming in well below finding the perfect office space, building a strong customer base, and figuring out...

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