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With the rise in the number of digital businesses starting up and gaining traction, it’s not difficult to see why so many are choosing a career as a digital marketing freelancer.

Whether your specialism is SEO, PPC or digital animation, we have a digital marketing insurance policy to suit the requirements of your digital business as a freelancer. We have taken the time to understand the digital industry and align our policies with the protection that you need.

Getting the right level of cover is imperative in such an extremely competitive sector, where performance can be easily misjudged by clients expecting much more than can be realistically delivered through digital channels. This, unfortunately, opens you up to the possibility of complaints, or even legal action. Luckily, it’s very straightforward to protect yourself and make sure you’re covered for any eventuality with our SEO insurance and PPC insurance policies.

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What Insurance Do I Need?

Build your custom artist insurance policy. We offer:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    As digital marketing insurance specialists, we can provide optional extra coverage tailored to your digital business to ensure your freelancer insurance coverage is exactly right for you. The most popular type of freelancer insurance is professional indemnity insurance. This type of insurance covers you in the event a client or another business takes legal action against you. Some clients will require you to have professional indemnity insurance before commencing work with them. The amount of professional indemnity insurance you require will depend on the size of your largest contract or project and the potential loss as the result of negligence on your part.

  • Business Combined Insurance

    Although you may not have a traditional office setup, freelance digital professionals should still have business combined insurance in place. This combines a number of different insurance coverage policies into one, easy-to-understand policy. It includes public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, office contents insurance and directors and officers liability. Public liability insurance will cover you in the event a member of the public is injured or suffers a loss as a result of your work. Office contents insurance will ensure the essential equipment that you need to run your business is always covered against theft of damage, whether you share a co-working space or work from a coffee shop. SEO Insurance and PPC Insurance is a must.

  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

    When you are your own boss and your entire workforce, there’s no company sick pay to fall back on. If you are sick or injured and are unable to work, your earnings could suffer and you could lose contracts and clients. Personal accident and sickness insurance are essential for freelance digital professionals as it will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about losing income as the result of injury or illness.

  • Travel Insurance

    Freelance digital professionals take more business trips than the average office worker. Digital professional travel insurance covers you and your family for business and personal trips in the UK and around the world. This kind of comprehensive freelance travel insurance is essential for peace of mind on your next business trip.

  • Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses

    As a self-employed digital professional, you will likely be responsible for filing your tax return and paying VAT if you are VAT registered. If you face a dispute over your tax return, this can be very costly. With our freelancer insurance, you will be protected against the costs of a tax enquiry and you will also have access to legal advice for anything from copyright complaints to IR35 investigations.

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