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The pursuit of a career in the fitness and beauty industries is often driven by a love for the job, and the desire to help others get into their peak physical condition, whether that be in the gym or in the salon.

The vast majority of fitness instructors and beauty therapists, however, operate on a self employed basis, often based at multiple venues, which can make getting the relevant insurance policies seem like a daunting task. Making sure you have the right levels of insurance protection from the start means you can carry on with the day to day running of your fitness or beauty business confident in the fact that you’re protected.

Fitness instructor insurance can be particularly complicated if you’re frequently making use of heavy or complex equipment in your day to day interactions with your clients, so it’s absolutely necessary that you have the correct coverage to indemnify you against allegations of negligence that could cause physical harm.

Getting beauty therapist insurance, though, can also seem like a difficult task if you’re not familiar with the insurance world or the beauty industry itself. At Caunce O’Hara, we understand the practice of beauty therapy in all it’s forms, as well as the necessary levels and types of insurance coverage that are needed specifically for the beauty industry, as well as businesses in general.

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What Insurance Do I Need?

The type of insurance you’ll need depends upon the nature of your business. With Caunce O’Hara, beauty therapists and fitness instructors are able to build a custom made insurance policy to suit specific needs. Insurances in this sector that you can choose from include:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Professional indemnity insurance is not just specific to beauty therapists or fitness instructors, it’s an insurance that protects you as well as your clients, and serves to mitigate the risks that come as a result of working in the fitness and beauty sectors. Within these industries specifically, those working on an independent or self-employed basis are unfortunately open to accusations of poor practice, or negligence. Professional indemnity insurance for beauty therapists and fitness instructors will enable you to defend such claims should the need arise.

  • Business Combined Insurance

    A comprehensive package of insurance for beauty therapists and fitness instructors, business combined insurance aims to protect you from various scenarios which may arise during everyday practice. Combined insurance packages are usually comprised of public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, directors insurance and contents insurance where you have a premises or equipment. Whilst the need to make a claim on any of these policies may be rare, the need for them should not be underestimated. Comprehensive cover ensures you’ll be protected in the, hopefully unlikely, event that the need should ever arise.

  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

    For anyone who works on a self-employed basis, the prospect of losing your income through sickness or injury is one that you have to consider when you’re setting up your business. To prevent sickness or injury from ruining your beauty or fitness career, you can cover yourself with personal accident and injury insurance. This is an insurance for fitness instructors in particular to consider given the nature of the job, as it means that you don’t need to risk your livelihood every time you risk injury. Personal accident and injury cover will usually insure a proportion of your income so that you can remain financially stable during unforeseen downtime caused by an accident or illness.

  • Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses

    Those who are responsible for their own taxes can be prone to making little mistakes that can unfortunately land them in a lot of trouble. If you’re in the beauty or fitness industry, then chances are you don’t moonlight as a qualified accountant, and with the complexities of the tax system in the UK, it’s safe to say that mistakes can easily happen. Beauty therapists and fitness instructors insurance for tax enquiry and legal expenses covers you in the event that you have to face a tax enquiry or legal dispute. Tax enquiries can be very costly to defend, and we all know that legal expenses can add up fast when you get embroiled in a dispute, so it’s best to make sure you have the relevant insurance policies in place just in case you need them. With Caunce O’Hara, our insurance clients also have access to free legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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