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As an engineering professional, you understand better than most the importance of getting things right and protecting yourself in the unlikely event things go wrong.

With engineering insurance from Caunce O’Hara, even if your engineering specialism doesn’t fall within one of our other categories we are confident we will be able to build a policy to suit you and your business activities.

Whether you are a mechanical engineer, civil engineer or chemical engineer, we can create an insurance package that will protect you and your business activity from the risks that you face on a daily basis.

Human error is often to blame for mistakes in engineering projects so it’s important to protect yourself from liability should something go wrong with a project you are working on. Many companies won’t let you get started on a project without adequate insurance in place, so why not get in touch today to start building your individual quote.

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What Insurance Do I Need?

Build your custom engineering professional insurance policy. We offer:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Workers in the engineering industries are more likely to work on a contract for a freelance basis. As a result, you won’t be offered the same level of protection as a full-time employee might enjoy. If something goes wrong as a result of your negligence you could be personally liable for any claims made against you. Professional indemnity insurance for engineering professionals helps to minimise the risk by ensuring that you won’t be financially liable for any claims made against you. This helps to create a buffer between your personal finances and your professional work. Ensuring that your professional indemnity insurance is tailored to your industry is essential as it could mean the difference between key work tasks being covered or left out. Get in touch today to start building your quote.

  • Business Combined Insurance

    We recognise that getting the right level of coverage for your business activities can be difficult which is why we have created the business combined insurance policy. This includes public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, office contents insurance and directors and officers insurance. This covers you and your freelance business from a range of threats, including claims made against you by the public or employees and against loss of equipment in your office. The office contents insurance can also be amended to include portable equipment coverage if you need to over laptops and phones for when you are out of the office.

  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

    While full-time employees might have the protection of sick pay to fall back on, this is rarely the case for freelancers and contractors. If you are injured or too sick to be able to work, your earnings could take a serious hit if you don’t have Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance in place. This allows you to insure a portion of your income so that you’ll always be able to meet your monthly financial commitments if the unexpected happens.

  • Travel Insurance

    As an engineering professional, you will know all too well that no two days are the same and you are rarely working in the same place. All of this travel puts you at greater risks that those employees who face the same commute every day. Just as you would cover yourself when you go on holiday, out Travel Insurance for engineering contractors will cover you for any eventuality whether you are travelling for work or a holiday. Our annual travel insurance policy means you and your family will be protected for unlimited worldwide trips, excluding the US and Canada.

  • Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses

    As you’ll be responsible for your own taxes and VAT returns, you will be all too familiar with the horror stories of an IR35 investigation. These can be highly stressful and costly if you don’t have Tax Enquiry and Legal Expenses insurance to help cover you in the event HMRC launches and investigation. The legal expenses coverage will also mean you won’t be out of pocket if you need to defend yourself from legal action or take legal action against another person or company. With our coverage you’ll have access to expert legal advice, so whether you’re facing a contract dispute or just have a tax question, you’ll have access to a 24/7 legal helpline to help answer all of your pressing questions.

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