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What insurance protection do engineers need? A guide to engineering insurance

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In the fast-evolving engineering and manufacturing industries, companies need engineering contractors they can rely on. They put their business in your hands and trust you and your specialist expertise to get things right first time, every time. This high level of pressure and expectation can be difficult to maintain, you’re only human after all.

At Caunce O’Hara we understand that errors occur. Unfortunately, in engineering and manufacturing rectifying a mistake can be expensive. Whether it’s an error in design calculations or flaws in a product design, a mistake could cause big problems for a business, including loss of revenue and the loss of potential future orders.

That’s when our comprehensive insurance for engineers can help.


Which engineering insurance policy is right for you?

At Caunce O’Hara, we recognise that a project engineer in the oil and gas sector faces different risks to those of a process engineer at a chemical plant, and those of an engineer working in the rail sector.

The variations in risk are why our policies have been created to accommodate your situation, whatever that may be. Our engineering insurance will cover you against the risks and exposure you face in your professional role.

For details about the various levels of cover we offer to engineers, please call 0333 321 1430 and our team will be happy to help you.


Cover you can trust in just a few online clicks

At Caunce O’Hara we offer a range of insurance policies to provide cover for most technical engineering professions.

Covers available include:

  • Professional Indemnity – PI insurance provides protection for your business if a client is unhappy with your work or advice. It also provides cover for legal costs and expenses in defending a claim as well as compensation payable to your client for loss or damages. The policy we offer is “any one claim” and not “in the aggregate “.
  • Public Liability – essential cover for businesses that regularly deal with clients and members of the public. It provides cover for personal injury or damage to property arising from actions by workers.
  • Employers’ Liability – one of the main types of business insurance, and most employers are legally obliged to take out a policy. It can pay compensation costs and legal fees if an employee or ex-employee sues for illness or injury caused by their work.
  • Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses – will provide you with cover for legal representation costs incurred during a tax investigation brought against you. Coverage is broad and can help with employment disputes; employment compensation awards; property and landlord and tenant disputes; criminal defence; tax protection; regulatory compliance; court attendance costs; employment extra protection; identity theft and contract disputes.
  • IR35 Contract Reviews – Find out if your contract and working practices place you “inside” or “outside” of IR35.
  • Personal Accident, Sickness & Travel – Injury or illnesses may prevent you carrying out your work and without work you may run into financial difficulties. Our innovative policy provides financial help should you suffer from an injury or illness and has the ability to incorporate cover for business and holiday travel worldwide in any one year for you and your family. Please note, this policy does not cover Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Our quick online quote system enables you to build a comprehensive engineering insurance quote in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks!

Our insurance for engineers provides cover for a variety of engineering roles, including computer aided designers, mechanical engineers, design engineers, field engineers, technical engineering roles, and health & safety engineers across a wide range of sectors.


Why protect your engineering business with Caunce O’Hara?

  • Highly competitive premiums… ask for a quote to see how much you could save
  • Simple and easy to understand policy wording
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Immediate cover available
  • Strong track record of settling engineering claims
  • Policy documents issued to you within minutes via email
  • Feefo platinum award-winning customer service team on-hand to assist you

Call 0333 321 1403 for a personalised quote for click the button to build your quote online in minutes!

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