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Our business insurance for project managers offers comprehensive cover for a broad range of risks that you face on a daily basis.

What it costs for cover and your peace of mind, makes our engineering insurance a worthwhile investment, because the alternative if a claim is made against you and you’re not insured doesn’t bear thinking about.

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What is project management insurance?

Project Management insurance is designed to protect you against the unexpected – for example, something going wrong during a project for a client that results in a financial loss, such as a system you are managing going down and causing business operations to halt as a result.

The indemnity insurance policy will provide cover to protect you and your business against the legal action against you in the event that you made a mistake in your work.

Why do project managers need insurance?

As a project manager, you will likely be responsible for the scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resources for any given project that you are contracted to oversee.

As a result, this exposes you to potential difficulties on six fronts, making the possible instance of an error and a negligence claim more likely.

Knowing that you are carrying the right level of insurance protection can give you the reassurance you need to concentrate on your work in case something goes wrong.

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Trusted by over 23,000 clients for their business insurance.


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***** Caunce O'Hara have provided me with a fast and efficient service. The company was attentive to my needs and imminent termination of my policies. My circumstances have changed but the company was still able to give me sound advice. Responses from the company were fast and polite. From the information provided I was able to reduce my anxiety over a possible tax investigation and take out an appropriate protection policy. The policy won't stop HMRC investigating but if they do substantial time taken up with my accountant should be covered and certain legal aspects as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The insurance policy will provide cover for claims including:

Alleged negligence

You oversee the development of a new in-house project, but due to unforeseen circumstances you lose control of the schedule and the project misses the agreed launch date. Your client understands the situation, but is forced to pursue a professional indemnity claim against you to recover the extra costs incurred because of the delay. Professional Indemnity insurance would provide cover in this instance.

Budgeting errors

Errors in your budget calculations mean that the project requires more funding than originally agreed. The client makes a claim against you for your error to recoup the extra costs incurred. Professional Indemnity insurance would respond to provide cover in this instance.

With Caunce O’Hara’s intuitive online quote and buy system you can get an indicative quotation for your project management insurance in a matter of minutes.

As an example: a project manager with an annual turnover of up to £50,000, who needs Professional Indemnity insurance with an indemnity of £500,000 of cover (in any one claim) could pay as little as £271.25 per year. (Figure correct at 18.11.2021).

Apart from Professional Indemnity insurance, project managers will likely be asked to ensure they carry Public Liability insurance as part of their contractual to protect the clients’ property and members of staff.

It is also important to note that if you are a self-employed business owner, a claim can be made against you personally with unlimited personal liability, therefore Directors and Officers insurance is a valuable insurance policy which will cover you in this instance.

Public Liability insurance and Directors and Officers insurance are provided as part of our Business Combined Liabilities insurance policy.

Our Legal Expenses insurance will provide you with cover for costs incurred from a legal occurrence that your indemnity and liability insurance doesn’t cover, such as the costs incurred from an IR35 tax investigation or the expenses incurred from jury service.

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