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As a Reiki healer, many different people will come to you with various illnesses and states of mind. Being able to watch them leave with joy and new hope is a rewarding sight for any practitioner. The ability to concentrate on the passing of positive healing energy to the body of your clients is important and the right reiki practitioner insurance policy is essential for this.

Choosing the right Reiki insurance policy may seem difficult for this unique career path, but it doesn’t have to be. Making sure that you and your clients are protected with every visit is simple with our team here at Caunce O’Hara.

Working with Reiki masters and specialists up and down the country, we have created a number of insurance policies perfect for this exciting profession. We can help you to build a tailored reiki insurance policy that is ideal for your circumstances.

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What Insurance Do I Need?

The right insurance for you does not have to be a hassle to find. We offer:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    If a client is unhappy with their treatment or your work Professional Indemnity insurance covers your legal defence costs and all expenses, including damages if your client’s claim is successful against you. This policy is the protection that your business needs to flourish without facing the weight of huge legal costs.

    We have you covered no matter your needs, our policy provides cover from £50,000 to £5,000,000.

  • Business Combined Insurance

    Rather than create a number of different insurance policies to cover the many intricacies of your Reiki business, we have created one overarching policy. Making our Business Combined Insurance comprehensive, easy to understand and simple to manage as one policy. It includes:

    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Directors and Officers Insurance
    • Employer’s Liability Insurance
    • Office Contents Insurance

    Our business combined Reiki insurance policy offers all that you will need to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

    Running your own business as a Reiki healer can offer you great flexibility and choice in working hours. However, when illness becomes an issue you may not have the choice to work at all. As a business owner you will not benefit from sickness payments, as with normal full-time employment, so having a safety net is important. Both for your personal and business financial needs.

    For this reason, our Personal Accident and Sickness policy is perhaps one of the most important policies available. It takes care of you when you need it the most.

  • Travel Insurance

    As a Reiki professional you may find yourself travelling to meet your clients over long distances or outside typical working hours. Injuries are much more likely to occur whilst travelling to and from work. For this reason, it is important to consider whether Business Travel and Holiday insurance is for you.

    Our policy at Caunce O’Hara provides comprehensive cover for unlimited business and personal trips throughout the UK and around the world, for both yourself and your family.

  • Tax Enquiry & Legal Expenses

    As a business owner, you are solely responsible for reporting your earnings and filling out your tax returns, which leaves room for errors. As such, a policy to cover defence costs due to a tax enquiry or HMRC investigation can be essential as a business owner. Undergoing these investigations without appropriate insurance in place can be a costly endeavour.

    This policy provides a 24/7 legal advice line alongside legal defence costs, debt recovery, tax, VAT and HMRC investigations costs. Protecting your Reiki business from costs which could bring it to an end.

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