how to get paid on time if you're a freelancer

How to Ensure You Get Paid on Time Every Time

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As a freelancer, it’s vital that you get paid for your work. Like most freelancers, you probably request payment after completing the task.

So, you’ve already put in the hard work and now you need to be compensated for your efforts and resources. Submitting an adequately formatted invoice is the first step in preventing delayed payments.


What information should an invoice include?

Make sure that your invoice includes all the essential information like a unique invoice number, company name and address, customer name and address, information about your service or product, and the amount due. The following invoice cheat sheet serves as a helpful example of all the data you should include and where on the invoice it should go:

Invoice Cheat Sheet

SAGE Invoice cheat sheet


Invoices for Sole Traders & Limited Companies

While the above example applies for most invoices, you must also include additional information if you’re a sole trader or limited company. Sole traders must include their name, business trading name and business address while limited companies must include the full company name and number, and office address. Check out the below cheat sheet for further details:

Sole Trader and Limited Company Cheat Sheet

SAGE sole trader cheat sheet


For more information check out this helpful article from Sage, which provides examples of other types of invoices, like VAT-registered or international payments, and explains common invoice terms.


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