Introducing CIS Force

Introducing CIS Force

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Protecting construction contractors from the minefield of HMRC legislation

If you are in business, it pays to be proactive to ensure that your tax affairs are in order, to avoid any nasty and expensive surprises.

As a contractor you are expected to be fully compliant with the intricacies of status legislation. Any mistakes and non-compliance with HMRC legislation can be damaging to your business and jeopardise its immediate future.

Markel Tax, who are one of the UK’s leading experts for status issues, offer a groundbreaking service called CIS Force, which is tailored to protect you and your business by guiding you through the minefield of HMRC legislation.

CIS Force is a retainer service which combines Markel Tax’s individual services into two package options to provide you with complete peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

The two package options, called ‘Scaffold’ and ‘Bricks and Mortar’ allow you to opt for the level of protection your construction business requires. CIS Force is tailored to the number of sub-contractors you engage.


CIS Force is the complete protection package for the Construction Industry.

Details of what is including in each CIS Force package can be seen in the table below.

ScaffoldBricks and Mortar
Bespoke Contract for Services
Online status monitor
Telephone advice on CIS and Status
Quarterly newsletter
Email bulletins
Initial status meeting
Annual health check
Telephone advice on employment law issuesX
HMRC status enquiry protectionX
CIS penalty protectorX
Gross Payment protectorX
Seminar places x 2X


Details of the expert services that you can benefit from through one of the CIS Force packages include:

Bespoke Contract for Services

Specifically drafted in a way that is easy to understand, covering all the fundamental aspects of status. This contract is tailored to ensure every detail is applicable to your business operation and commercial needs.

Online status monitor

A simple online questionnaire to provide you with an accurate and reliable opinion as to whether your subcontractors are self-employed. You are entitled to unlimited use of the questionnaire with either the scaffold or bricks and mortar packages.

Telephone advice

Specialist tax consultants available to assist and advise on any CIS or status queries, or simply to give you peace of mind if you are uncertain about something.

Quarterly newsletter

Providing updates on all the recent HMRC, legislative and case law developments in bite-size chunks written in straight talking, plain English.

Email bulletins

Immediate bulletins on up to date changes as and when they happen – keeping you ahead of HMRC.

Initial meeting with status review

We will come to your premises and review all your current contracts and procedures. We then provide a comprehensive report detailing all the areas covered and any recommendations to strengthen your company’s position.

Annual health check

Annual spot check on your company’s procedures and administration to ensure you are always prepared for an HMRC inspection.

Telephone advice on employment law issues

Day to day advice on general employment law issues, provided by our team of employment law consultants.

HMRC status enquiry protection

Cover for all our professional fees to argue your case with HMRC up to and including First-Tier Tribunal representation, ensuring that you need not worry if HMRC open a status enquiry into your business.

CIS penalty protector

HMRC are imposing draconian penalties for failing to operate the CIS scheme correctly. Markel Tax will conduct an appeal against HMRC on your behalf should you receive a penalty notice.

Gross Payment protector

In the event HMRC remove the Gross Payment Status of your company, Markel Tax will represent you in your appeal against the decision.

Seminar places

Two seminar places at any of our renowned nationwide seminars.


If you would like to take advantage of CIS Force to protect your construction business, please call 0345 0660 035 today, or click here to visit the CIS Force webpage on the Markel Tax website

Click here to download the detail CIS Force flyer as a pdf

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Author Phil Ainley, Marketing Manager