Did you know how essential Portable Equipment cover can be?

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Freelancers like any other business owner depend on their equipment and with flexible working now the norm you are expected to be here there and everywhere, making an office a thing of the past.

As a Freelancer, you carry your office around with you. Your laptop bag could also contain your mobile phone, a tablet, cables, extra memory storage and maybe even a camera. Remote working is the here and now, with devices so small we can take them just about everywhere.

But what happens if you rush off the train and watch from the platform as your laptop bag and all its contents go on a trip of their own? Maybe you stop off at the pub after a hard day and your bag and all its valuable contents are swiped from underneath you, believe it or not this is a common claim. Without insurance, replacing all your equipment is a costly exercise and for those that can’t afford to replace them right away, your freelance career could suddenly come to an abrupt halt.

Don’t let that be the case, Caunce O’Hara’s all risks, Portable Equipment cover is essential to a Freelancer on the move and here’s why:

1. The number one claim form we receive is for stolen or damaged equipment.

That’s right 4/5 claims we receive are related to business equipment. You could put your phone down for a second in a busy area and it is stolen. You might be in a rush and leave your laptop behind, enjoying your morning coffee and next minute it’s spilt over your tablet, the list is endless. Don’t let your business be subject to this fate, insure those important pieces of equipment to keep your business safe and thriving.

2. Those items aren’t covered on your home Insurance

Believe it or not many household insurance policies exclude business equipment. So, it makes sense to have separate cover for your office equipment to ensure you are fully protected.

3. We want you up and running again as fast as possible

Time is precious, so to help ease the pressure, we have delegated authority from insurers to settle claims in house. The claim form is short and simple, saving you time and allowing us to react quickly and agree settlement sometimes the same day.  We usually refer claims for IT equipment to specialists CATS Ltd who will collect and repair or replace your items as quickly as possible saving you the bother of obtaining estimates and taking it for repair.

With that in mind don’t let all risks, Portable Equipment cover be the last thing you consider. It’s vital to you and your business. Here are some examples of  recent claims and how quickly we settled them to help our client  get back to running their business.

Accidental damage to laptop– claim form received 19.01.2017, payment of £349.99 made 23.01.2017
Microsoft Surface Pro damaged – claim form received 31/10/2016, payment of £300 made same day
Camera and lens dropped and damaged beyond economical repair, claim form received 07/11/2016 items value £3821.48 replaced by 22/11/2016
Mobile phone stolen – claim form received 31/08/2016 – payment of £249 issued 01/09/2016

We want to keep you safe every step of the way so If you have any more questions do let us know. You can reach us by phone on 0333 321 1403


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