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Private Healthcare And You

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Private Health care enables you to have peace of mind that if you become ill that you can gain a quick diagnosis without a risk of NHS waiting lists.  So, you are in control of who treats you, in which hospital and you can choose the date and time of when you get treated, which offers real flexibility around work and your home life too.

If you do need to visit a private hospital you will see that they offer a very high level of care and home comforts such as private rooms with ensuite facilities and often sky TV too!  Your visitors are able to visit you throughout the day and can even if they wish join you for lunch or just pop in to see how you are over a coffee.

So, if taking control of your health if you become unwell is important to you then Private Health Care is something you should seriously consider.

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Meet your Independent Private Healthcare Adviser, Gina Campbell

Whether you’re arranging private healthcare for the first time ever, or reviewing your current cover to check it’s right for you, Gina’s twenty years’ expertise in the field means you can rest easy, knowing her professional, friendly approach will give you exactly what you and/or your business needs.  Gina’s independent status allows her to review the whole of the UK private healthcare market, to make sure you get the best cover at the lowest cost.  She also reviews your plan every year, to make sure you continue to get value for money.

How can Gina help you?

Case Study – Mary

Retired headteacher Mary, aged 54, now working as an educational consultant, had been paying £198 per month for BUPA cover for over 10 years. Gina liaised with BUPA and found that Mary was paying extra for a lot of benefits – maternity and worldwide travel cover, for example – that she didn’t need. After discussing her specific requirements, Gina stripped her plan down, making sure that Mary completely understood it, and still had comprehensive cover. As a result, her monthly cost came down to £120. Mary has now had two successful operations via her plan and remains one of Gina’s very happy clients; if she ever has any issues, she knows that all she has to do is pick up the phone and Gina will sort everything out.

Case Study – Matt

After 15 years in the engineering industry, Matt finally took the plunge and set up his own limited company, contracting on an hourly rate. He contacted Gina: a benefit of his previous employment had been private healthcare, which he’d used recently, but had obviously now lost.  Fortunately, because he was within 30 days of leaving his previous scheme, Gina could transfer Matt to his own individual plan with no break in cover. She also explained that his company could pay for it, reducing his corporation tax liability – he just pays a P11D on the monthly cost.  Matt knows Gina goes the extra mile, and remains a client today, with absolute peace of mind, knowing he can have a quick diagnosis and treatment at a time that works for him, should he become ill.

Case Study – a 30-person healthcare plan

A business with 30 employees on a private healthcare plan which they’d bought originally via an insurance company wanted to investigate whether there was a better deal available, as the cost had increased.  Gina reviewed the whole of the market for them; it turned out their current cover was in fact their best option. However, as it’s Gina’s standard practice to carry out an annual review for all her clients, in the following year, she transferred them to a different insurer offering a much better price: she’s not an account manager, she genuinely cares about offering the best possible service to her clients.

Common confusions regarding private healthcare plans

What’s a Cash Plan?

Great for businesses, these cover dental treatment, glasses and physiotherapy etc. but they don’t provide a full medical refund for things like operations or cancer treatment: you need a private healthcare plan, as above, for these.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover

Often confused with private healthcare, but in fact totally different, this type of cover gives you a monthly cash payment if you can’t work due to an accident, sickness or redundancy.  Sometimes the cover is just for accident or sickness, sometimes it just covers redundancy.  It doesn’t pay for any medical treatments. Gina will always make sure you understand the benefits you receive with any cover you take out, and because of her many years’ experience, you can guarantee you’ll get exactly what you need.


Talk to Gina today on 07725 585817 to discuss how she can help you with your healthcare requirements, or fill in our short contact form here



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