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Reducing business risks – Psychometric “Insurance”

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Ever since I read my own Psychometric report for the first time in 1995, I’ve been an avid fan and user of Psychometric and behavioural assessments. 

Our core business is focused on the delivery of HR, Training and Recruitment consultancy services, often featuring the use of psychometric or ability related assessments.

Over the last 20 plus years we have processed tens of thousands of assessments and have learned a lot along the way. I wanted to share some thoughts on some of the different practical applications of psychometrics and the business benefits that can be gained by using them including reducing “Business / HR risks”.


Selecting the best candidates

In our experience, the very best candidates are not just technically competent at the role they are undertaking, they are also “behaviourally” competent. Accurately matching candidates’ personalities and profiles against the required behavioural competencies for the role can help ensure that any selected candidates are a strong fit for the role, team and culture of the organisation.

Ability / Aptitude tests such as General Reasoning Report, can be used to provide objective assessment of abilities such as numerical reasoning, clerical checking or mechanical reasoning. This can significantly reduce the risk of offering the position to someone who may struggle with some of the key demands of the role.

Belbin Team Roles Self Perception, Job and Matching Reports can be used to accurately define the behaviours required for a particular role, objectively assess candidates and match their profile to role to see how close a fit they are.


Induct new team members more efficiently

Understanding the personality types of the existing team and any new start employee can help make induction more effective. Using a behavioural profiling tool can help fast-track the induction phase and ensure minimum disruption. This can be achieved by understanding different communication styles, individual behavioural strengths / weaknesses and what the new team dynamic will look like once the new employee starts.


Improving communication

Within a defined organisational or team culture, using a tool such as DiSC Classic 2.0 report can help employees and managers understand corporate communication style, the impact of their style at individual / team level and help people to adapt their style / approach to achieve more positive communication outcomes. Improved communication can lead to a more productive and effective team.


Enhance working relationships

Behavioural profile comparisons can help to highlight the strengths or likely challenges of a working relationship. If people increase their understanding of each other’s styles and approaches, they should be able to work together more productively. A great example of this is the Belbin Team Roles Working Relationships report.


Improve performance

Using a 16PF5 Career Development report in conjunction with one to one coaching can ensure people to play to their behavioural strengths, raise awareness of areas of weakness and align roles to their particular style. The report can help provide a “common language” to refer to when talking about behaviours through coaching sessions.


Developing and building teams

Using a Belbin Team Roles Combined Team report for example, along with focussed team development sessions can enhance team communication, build mutual respect and increase team efficiency and productivity. This can help a team to understand and play to their strengths and also understand and manage their weaknesses more effectively.


Improving decision making

A Scenarios Managerial Judgement report can help you better understand your decision making style / ability and help you to work on any areas that could be improved.


Resolving conflict

Where individuals or teams are experiencing conflict, behavioural assessment tools can illuminate the behavioural reasons which might contribute to this. Used within mediation, this can provide a common language to discuss contentious areas and help resolve conflict situations.


Improve your sales function

There are a number of reports available, such as the DiSC Sales Profile, which can help accurately identify sales styles for individuals. This can be used to help select the best type of sales person for a role or to enhance the performance of an individual or sales team.

Developing leaders: as part of leadership development programmes, in-depth psychometrics tools can identify personality and leadership style. This can work at individual level and for Leadership teams. A great example of this is the DiSC Work of Leaders Report.

CV Development – Psychometrics can even be used to help improve your CV and make you more marketable as a candidate. Click here to download our free guide to improving your CV using a Belbin Team Role report.

Costs – Psychometric or behavioural assessment represent typically cost in the region of £30.00 to £150.00 per report.  We believe this can represent great value for money if it helps solve a business issues such as improving recruitment and selection or enhancing team working.


For further details or to download some more sample reports, visit or email

Campbell Urquhart is the Managing Director of White Cube Consulting, an HR, Training and Recruitment consultancy based in Aberdeen.


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