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Six strange things you can insure

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Most of us buy insurance for holidays, homes, cars, life protection, and if you’re a self-employed freelancer or contractor, for your business too.

But there are some things a bit more out of the ordinary that you can insure.

From Mariah Carey taking out an estimated £35 million insurance policy for her voice to Cristiano Ronaldo insuring his legs for 90 million euros, here’s six strange things you can insure.


1) Voice insurance for singers, sopranos and actors

In 2016, it was revealed that Mariah Carey had her voice insured for £35 million (1).

With some of her most recognisable hits including All I Want For Christmas Is You, Hero and Always Be My Baby, her iconic voice has reportedly earned her somewhere in the region of £222 – £385 million (2).

Given that, insuring her five-octave voice to the tune of £35 million seems somewhat reasonable.

Mariah isn’t the only one insuring her vocals. Voice insurance is popular among professional singers, sopranos and actors.

It’s thought that around one in 20 professional singers each year experience a problem with their voice, that has to be examined by a throat specialist (3).

These problems can lead to a few months off work while some more serious conditions can end a singer’s career altogether.

2) Insurance for exceptional hands

Keith Richards, lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones once insured his hands for a reported £1.5 million (4).

Violinist Oliver Lewis, dubbed the world’s fastest fingers (4), insured his hands too for £741,655.00 ($1 million).

It’s not only the likes of guitarists, violinists, pianists and other musicians who seek hand insurance.

It’s expected that professionals like surgeons, dentists, tattooists and some construction workers will look to buy hand and eye insurance, as these body parts are detrimental to their jobs.

3) The world’s most expensive legs

In 2013, Real Madrid insured their star player Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal-scoring legs for a colossal £90 million. Averaging more than a goal per game, Ronaldo was a prized asset to the club (5).

Other famous footballers who’ve sought insurance for their money-making limbs include David Beckham who had his legs insured for £100 million in 2006. At the time, it was thought to be the biggest personal insurance policy in sporting history (6).

Aside from sports stars, other well-known names to have insured their legs include Heidi Klum, Tina Turner, Rihanna and Mariah Carey. It wasn’t just her voice she insured, after featuring in a Gillette campaign.

4) Cover for wedding day disasters

Weddings are not cheap, or easy to plan.

Couples can be planning and saving for their big day years in advance, so if there are any sudden hitches, it can cause a lot of disappointment and worry.

With thousands of pounds on the line, some couples pay to have their wedding insured.

While you can’t insure against cold feet or your wedding makeup not turning out quite as you envisioned, you can insure against things like your caterer letting you down at the last minute or something being accidentally damaged at the wedding venue.

As well as weddings, you can buy insurance for other special events and private parties you might hold.

5) Insurance against Alien Abduction

Possibly the most out of this world type of cover, is UFO insurance.

If the risk of being abducted by extra-terrestrials concerns you, you can take out an insurance policy that will cover you in your absence.

It’s said that actor Shirley MacLaine purchased this type of insurance, to cover any losses caused by an alien kidnapping (7).

Supposedly more than 6,000 people had taken out alien abduction insurance provided by Saint Lawrence Agency in Florida. The policy promises $10 to $20 million dollars per year to abducted claimants, but with $1 per year paid, you would have to live 10 million years to receive your compensation in full.

UFO insurance is however considered more of a humorous gift, than serious cover.

6) Insurance in case you turn into a vampire… or werewolf

To top off the unusual alien abduction insurance, there’s also individuals taking out insurance policies to protect themselves in case they transform into a vampire, or werewolf.

Lloyd’s estimate that 60,000 people have bought this kind of policy (8).

Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have certainly inspired a generation.


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