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  • what insurance do photographers need?

    Why do Photographers need insurance?

    Posted on 19th December 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    There are many different types of photographers in the UK covering a wide range of commercial and personal photography specialisms. On the commercial side it might be that your clien...

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  • What are the benefits of business insurance?

    Why every business needs comprehensive business insurance

    Posted on 28th May 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    Every business, large and small, needs to have business insurance. If you employ staff, even if you only employ one person, then it is the law that you at least carry Employers Liability...

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  • Project Planning for Freelance Designers

    10 Tips for a busy freelance graphic designer

    Posted on 14th August 2018 by Hannah Boardman- Marketing Apprentice

    You’ve finished your design studies, and in most cases already have five or more years of industry experience behind you. Now is your chance to take ownership of your life and make your way as a fre...

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  • Creative Media Industry Insurance

    Important insurance for the Creative industry

    Posted on 19th July 2018 by Phil Ainley MCIM, CMktr - Marketing Manager

    The creative industry in the UK is massive and accounts for one eighth of all UK businesses. It employs over 2million people1 and in 2018 it contributed £111.7bn2 to the UK economy. Professional Ind...

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