what insurance do photographers need?

Why do Photographers need insurance?

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There are many different types of photographers in the UK covering a wide range of commercial and personal photography specialisms.

On the commercial side it might be that your client requires a photographer to get some shots of their offices or factory to help them put together some promotional and marketing material.   They want to get ahead of their competition but need help getting those final images together that truly sell their business above their competitors. Regarding personal photography, they may simply want to create special memories of their little ones first moments with the ever increasingly popular newborn baby shoots and babies first Christmas photos.

On a larger scale your client may be looking for the perfect wedding photographer to capture their magical wedding day. In recent years, there has been a much higher demand for photographers, created in part by the social media boom, with everyone wanting to capture all their special moments and share them on their social channels, creating a great photographic memory bank for their family. Whatever the requirements of your client you can be assured that they have signed a contract with  you because you are the expert and they are looking to you to ensure the quality of the images you take capture the moment and meet their expectations.


So, why do you need insurance as a photographer and what insurance do you need?

Firstly, it is essential that you hold Public Liability Insurance.  It could be the case, as with a lot of photographers, that you invite your client to your premises for that intimate setting of a photoshoot. Whilst at your premises if your client falls over, or trips on an extension cable that hasn’t been taped down properly and injures themselves, you will be liable for any injury caused to them. Public Liability incidents are also common occurrences away from your premises. For example, if you visit a client’s factory and in taking photos for their website you caused damage to your client’s property or injured someone whilst on site.


What other insurances are available to Photographers?

As an extension to our Business Combined insurance, which includes the Public Liability, we offer cover for £5,000 of photography equipment within your office and this can be extended to outside the office as well. This is essential and ensures that if you do drop or lose your camera for that vital photoshoot that you know it is going to be fixed or replaced very quickly. It is highly recommended that you also carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and a lot of your clients will expect you to carry this cover. This covers you in the event your act, errors or omissions cause your client a financial loss. If you produce a brochure for a commercial client and the images that have been sent over are not the ones the client wanted and signed off on. The cost of replacing all the brochures would fall to you. Imagine if the photos you had taken of a wedding and the bride and groom disliked the images and found them to be not as agreed. The potential cost of retaking these photos would be covered by the insurance, at which point you will be thankful you had the cover.


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