reasons why it's great to be a contractor in the summer

5 reasons why it’s great to be a contractor this summer

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We’re now in the heat of summer and there’s lots to be excited about, especially if you are a contractor! Summer time is a perfect opportunity to enjoy all the perks and benefits of being a contractor and embrace the positive work-life balance that can come with contracting.

So why is it so great to be a contractor in this long hot summer?

Extended holiday

As a contractor, you have more control over when you take your holiday and how long for. You needn’t worry about organising holiday time with other employees like many full-time workers have to do. Rather than take the standard 1-2 weeks summer holiday time most full-time workers take, you can enjoy lengthier holidays and soak up the summer sun for longer.

Top up your skills

The flexibility contracting gives you, means you can make time for that much needed spruce up on your CV. If you happen to be working only a 3 day working week for most of the summer for instance, why not use those extra working days as an opportune time to train yourself in a new skill in order to enhance your work profile.

Learning new skills as a contractor or freelancer is vital for progression

Pursue a new passion

Once again with the flexibility you’ll enjoy this summer, you can start pursuing new and exciting passions. Perhaps there’s a morning cycling club you’re keen to join or an Art appreciation group that only meet up on Friday afternoons. The world is your oyster this summer as a contractor, so see what’s on offer in your spare time.

Pursue a new passion such as a cycling club

Spend quality time with your family

If you’ve got young children, they will of course be enjoying their six week holiday this summer. Where most full time workers might only be able to enjoy a small fraction of that six week period, contracting gives you the flexibility to spend a lot more quality time with your family and enjoy their company in the knowledge you’ve got control of your working life as a contractor.

Contractor family holiday

Recharge for the September rush

September for many marks the beginning of the end of the British summer and work activity will reconvene as normal with more companies hiring and more candidates looking for new roles. It can be a bit of a mad rush when September comes so summer presents a great opportunity for contractors to relax, recharge and prepare themselves for what is coming in September.

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