Three Alternatives To Working From Your Kitchen Table

Three Alternatives To Working At Your Kitchen Table

Posted on 18th August 2017 by

Many of us dream of working from home. It’s an opportunity to cut out the commute, work in a more comfortable environment and never miss another parcel from the postman again.

However, the realities of working from home are often very different than most would imagine. It can be very isolating and many people who work from home report trying to strike up a conversation with the cat. It can also be very distracting, as it’s all too easy to put on a quick load of laundry or do the dishes that are left over from breakfast.

Working from home can be a great short-term break from the office environment. However, if you are planning to work from home on a long-term basis, you might want to look for an alternative to the kitchen table. Here are three great alternatives for freelancers and home workers…

Co-working Space

Co-working spaces are a hotbed of creative and entrepreneurial spirit. When you get tired of trying to chat to your pets, it can be a great way to meet like-minded people and get some work done. A lot of people are afraid of going into a co-working or hot desking environment because they think that you have to be a creative freelancer to “fit in”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re a graphic designer, software engineer, architect or accountant, you’ll be right at home in a co-working space. Just make sure you read up on co-working etiquette before you go.

Your Favourite Coffee Shop

Working from a coffee shop isn’t the reserve of screenwriters and authors. If you just need a change of scenery to inspire you, then a coffee shop could be the perfect place to set up your laptop. The background chatter of a coffee shop can work wonders for aiding concentration. Not to mention, you’ll have access to a menu of delicious coffee and tea.

The Library

You may not have set foot in a library since your student days, but it might be time to head back to the stacks. Most libraries will have a strong WiFi signal and plenty of quiet corners to set up your laptop and get your head down. If the chatter of a coffee shop doesn’t inspire you to work then the serenity of a library might be better for your concentration. If you need a break from the kitchen table then your local library is a great free alternative.

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