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Tips for a productive day for a freelancer

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Being a freelancer will mean that at some point through the year, you will be working remotely. However, being in a different environment can cause productivity issues. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. Here, we have gathered some valuable tips for getting the best out of remote working.

Access to Wi-Fi
A lot of work requires internet connection and there is nothing worst than slow internet when you need to communicate with clients.  In some cases, this can be unavoidable if you’re away in a rural location, but in a lot of areas you are able to ensure satisfactory Wi-Fi beforehand.

If you’re planning on going to a hotel or a business event, most of the time they will include information around Wi-Fi etc on their website. If this information is not available, contact them directly to request their Wi-Fi speed. If it’s insufficient, look elsewhere or find a nearby café where you are able to plug in and work for a few hours.

Cloud Storage and WiFi can be advantageous to freelancers for productivity

Have cloud storage
There is nothing worse than settling down to start work only to realise the files you require are on a device back home. Keep organised by ensuring everything is kept in the cloud – even when you’re working from home. This will mean you won’t need to worry about not having access to something you need.

Google Drive is a good example of cloud storage – it gives you the ability to store your files online. This is great for time management and will save you time in the long run.

Ensure that time for each task is dedicated. Planning time in your dairy is essential, set each task with a realistic time to complete the tasks. Most importantly ensure you also plan breaks throughout the day.

Breaks can be as short as ten minutes, but it’ll be enough to give your brain time to refresh. Ensure that you do something that isn’t work related in your break – checking emails won’t help.

Freelancer checklist for a more productive day

Use checklists
Using checklists will help to increase your productivity, this will prevent you from forgetting any steps along the way. It will also help you focus on the job in hand. Missing a step could lead to wasting time fixing the problem.

When it comes to working on a project, instead of thinking about what you have to do, open up your checklist and you can then start ticking off the tasks. This will also help speed up work you’re producing.

Check over what you have done
At the end of each day take some time to check in with yourself. Did you accomplish what you wanted to? How many things did you tick off your check list. If you didn’t, what prevented you from doing so. This will mean that next time you’re doing something similar to you can plan more time to do that project.

Giving yourself time to look over what you have done that day will then give you time to plan for the next day, you can see what you have completed and what needs doing next. If you know what you have planned to do the next day, when you wake up, you’ll be set for the day ahead.

Using self assessment tax return software
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