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Your trusted partner in the changing umbrella services marketplace

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This business insurance product is offered by our partners at Caunce O’Hara Insurance Brokers Limited. To find out more please visit or call 0333 321 1403.

Umbrella companies are facing unprecedented change that will shape the industry far into the future.

Rigorous legislation has been introduced by the UK government with the purpose of creating a clearer, simpler and more compliant umbrella sector by driving out bad practice and ‘questionable’ tax avoidance schemes.

The compliance shake-up is forcing some umbrella companies to re-evaluate their business model and operations. Evaluations will encompass how they employ contractors and process their salaries. The legislation is also forcing assessments and remodelling of the way umbrellas manage risk and respond to evolving customer demands.

Companies that address these issues early are likely to gain competitive advantage over their peers; those that don’t are likely to struggle, perhaps even to survive.

Caunce O’Hara’s approach to the modernisation of umbrella services is to guide you on the insurance elements of your business. Our insurance policies help our customers protect their businesses, comply with industry regulations, create competitive advantage and grow through expansion into new sectors.

In an industry that is constantly changing it is reassuring to know that professional, expert insurance support is available whenever you need it.


You know your Umbrella, we know how to insure it

In 2000 Caunce O’Hara were the first insurance broker to introduce a policy aimed specifically at insuring umbrella companies.

Since then we have continued to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our sector expertise, flexible and comprehensive cover and competitive premiums.

Our market-leading policy Umbrella Insure is written specifically to insure the diverse range of activities and occupations of the sector. From social workers to offshore engineers Umbrella Insure offers industry leading insurance protection to thousands of professionals in umbrella arrangements or on a block basis for individual PSC’s.

This includes a number of professions that other brokers consider uninsurable because they are deemed to be high risk.

Headquartered in Manchester, Caunce O’Hara can insure your operations across the UK and the rest of the world by combining traditional business principles with the benefits of the latest technology.

Our experienced staff deliver a knowledgeable and supportive service to create compelling insurance packages that can help you to grow your business safely and profitably.

“A good business relationship works when those advising you carry out their work in a prompt and pragmatic way. It’s important from our perspective that the delivery of insurance and associated advice is done same day to ensure those in our supply chain are happy.

The team at Caunce O’Hara do this and importantly they understand our work practices and timescales. It’s worked well for some time now and we cannot fault the support given.”  GIANT Umbrella

4 Unique Options

Within the Umbrella sector businesses can be quite different. Different services and skills sets, there can be a difference in demand for those skills, and ultimately a difference in the rate of pay across differing skills and services.

Caunce O’Hara’s market-leading insurance product Umbrella insure provides comprehensive insurance for your umbrella company, for the contractor, and even for contractors who choose to work through your Umbrella as PSC’s.

At Caunce O’Hara we firmly believe in providing you with choice by tailoring your insurance from a range of policy options to meet the needs of your business.

You can simply choose from 4 unique options to build the right package for your business. Insuring your company and protecting your contractors has never been so easy!

4 Unique Umbrella Insurance Options To Choose From

Protect your business your way

As you can see from our 4 unique options, our flexible business insurance puts you in charge.

Our approach is to start with the basics you need to protect your business, such as professional indemnity, public liability and employer’s liability insurance.

You can then choose to customise your cover from the options available to build a package that meets your needs.

Underwritten by a panel of top UK insurers, our industry specific policies cover the key risks faced by Umbrella companies. This enables us to provide your umbrella company with the best defence against unexpected claims and litigation, allowing you to focus on keeping your business on the road to success.

Our Most Popular Products AND Coverage Limits

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £10,000,000
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000
  • Employers Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000
  • Umbrella Companies Legal & Professional Fee Protection Insurance Policy with a limit of indemnity of £100,000 per claim and £1,000,000 in the aggregate
  • Personal Accident pays out up to £100,000 per contractor in the event of death or permanent disablement.

“We have used Caunce O’Hara as our insurance broker for a number of years. We have always received excellent advice and support, timely replies to all our queries and very competitive quotes.

The Caunce O’Hara team are knowledgeable, personable and very efficient – they will always go the extra step to assist where they can.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Caunce O’Hara to any business or individual requiring insurance expertise.”  Crest Plus

Tailor-made insurance for over 100 Umbrella companies

Caunce O’Hara were the first insurance broker to develop a bespoke policy with specific wording to meet the needs of the umbrella sector. We were also the first broker to insure an umbrella operation.

We hold full underwriting authority on behalf of insurers, meaning we can consider risks that umbrella companies face and set the premium rates accordingly.

Our efficient in-house claims team is on-hand to assist you in the event you need to call on your insurance.

The umbrella and freelance workspace has changed considerably in recent years and we have adapted and innovated to ensure we can continue to provide a first-class service to the sector.

Today we have the ability and capacity to insure umbrella company workers from hundreds of different trades, occupations and professions, including those in high risk roles from our portfolio of 14 insurance policies.

14 Umbrella Insurance Policies Available To You

Get the ultimate in umbrella protection for your business.



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Your trusted partner in the changing umbrella services marketplace

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