Look after your mental health when you are freelancing

Looking after yourself as a Freelancer

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Thursday October 10th marks World Mental Health Day. As part of the day the NHS is currently running a campaign called ‘Every Mind Matters’.

According to MIND Charity, approximately 1 in every 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year.

Mental Health is still a broadly misunderstood problem in the working world. This can give rise to ignorance from colleagues and line managers, and to a lack of awareness as to exactly what symptoms we should be aware of before we ourselves seek help.

Even large organisations who operate well-resourced HR departments still struggle to provide the level of support and compassion that people who suffer from mental health problems require. This includes knowledge that the resource is available to people in the first place and that they can rely on it when need arises.

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Freelancers, remember you are not alone

As a freelancer you will not have the support of a HR department readily available to you, yet you are arguably more vulnerable to experiencing a mental health issue than those in full-time employment.

Mental health issues take many forms. From stress and anxiety, to poor memory and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

When you are freelancing you are responsible for everything and at times it can be a lonely existence. This not only means meeting client deadlines and trying to earn enough money to pay the bills, but also looking after your own health and wellbeing. All of which can significantly increase your levels of stress.

If you are feeling any symptoms of stress, anxiety, loneliness or generally feeling down, then it could be time to seek help and talk to someone.

Don’t feel like you have to deal with things on your own, and don’t feel embarrassed because you are not alone. Search online for NHS Every Mind Matters and/or book an appointment with your Doctor.


Remember, looking after yourself as a freelancer is just as important as looking after your clients and meeting deadlines.


Other online mental health resources include:



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