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  • Budget2021 family finances

    Autumn Budget 2021 – Good for some, but not for all

    Posted on 3rd November 2021 by Phil Ainley MCIM, CMktr, Dip DigM - Marketing Manager

    “Employment is up. Investment is growing. Public services are improving. The public finances are stabilizing, and wages are rising. Today’s budget delivers a stringer economy for the British peopl...

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  • Spending Review graphic

    How will the Spending Review affect you?

    Posted on 3rd December 2020 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced the Spending Review on November 25th, which outlined the Government’s plans for spending and investment in hospitals, schools and other public ser...

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  • What does the Budget 2020 look like for freelancers and contractors

    What does the 2020 Budget look like for freelancers and contractors?

    Posted on 17th March 2020 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    Amidst the extensive details of increased borrowing and the improved investment into the UK’s economy and improving its infrastructure, there was little mention of the rollout of IR35 reform to the ...

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  • Budget 202 what can we expect?

    Budget 2020, what can we expect?

    Posted on 18th February 2020 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    The first Budget of the new Conservative government is scheduled for 11th March 2020 and will be the first Budget as a non-EU state for almost half a century. Yet could the recent appointment of Rishi...

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  • Autumn Budget 2020

    What can we expect in the 2019 Autumn Budget?

    Posted on 8th October 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    It is expected that the 2019 Autumn Budget will follow the same format as the previous two Budgets, as the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers the latest tax updates. A date is yet to be announced...

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  • Spending Round 2019

    Spending Round 2019 in a nutshell

    Posted on 3rd October 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM CMktr

    Chancellor, Sajid Javid is poised to deliver the Autumn Budget (date still to be announced) within weeks as Brexit draws closer to its October 31st deadline. He delivered the Spending Round early i...

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  • Spring Statement 2019 Review

    Spring Statement 2019 Review

    Posted on 21st March 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    There were two main conclusions drawn from the Chancellors Spring Statement on March 13th.   Firstly, we received confirmation that the economy is expected to weaken in 2019. The Office ...

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  • Spring Statement 2019

    What can we expect from the 2019 Spring Statement and Spending Review?

    Posted on 14th February 2019 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    A shake-up of public finances is widely expected in 2019, but not until later in the year. However, it is expected to be debated during the 2019 Spring Statement on March 13th. The Spring Statement...

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  • Should I register my company for VAT?

    Posted on 4th April 2018 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    VAT, or value added tax, is a tax that is added to the value of goods or services sold in the UK. VAT can be charged on things like: * Business sales – when you sell goods or services. * Hirin...

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  • Spring Statement Follow Up – Contractors can breathe easy… for now

    Posted on 13th March 2018 by Phil Ainley MCIM

    ‘Building the Conservative’s vision of a country that works for everyone’ Today the Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his Spring Statement to the House of Commons in what contractors, freel...

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